Man Deported to Mexico Returns to Take Revenge, Rapes the Child
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Man Deported to Mexico Returns to Take Revenge, Rapes the Child


FLORIDA — September 12, 2018

A Mexican man who was deported from Florida as an illegal immigrant infiltrated back and raped an 8-year-old child in Polk County.

The man was suspected of sexual harassment of minor girls, and when he was detained, it turned out that he is in the country illegally. As a result, the suspect was deported but this didn't prevent him from returning to the US and continuing his criminal activities.

Now 29-year-old Wilibaldo Garcia has been charged with sexual battery on a victim under 12 after an 8-year-old told her mother Garcia entered her bedroom during the night and fondled her. According to the arrest report, on the previous occasion, in 2013, Garcia 'fled the country and was not seen by family in Polk County until late 2017, when he initiated contact with his family members.'

In addition to constant contact with the girl, it is known that the man repeatedly abused the child. He used the girl's mother's absence and after repeated threats, forced her to touch his genitals, and 'penetrated her with his fingers,' the official police report said.

He’d done the same thing in 2017, the girl told her mother, while she was in a hammock.

After some time, the child could not stand it and told her mother about everything. Then it became clear that the man recently returned from Mexico and illegally got back to the US. Garcia claimed that nothing illegal was done and he was deceived. Now it became clear that the man's perverted desires have not gone away.

On Aug. 31, the report said, the police listened in on a phone call between the mother and Garcia in Spanish and Chatino, a language spoken in the Oaxaca part of Mexico. Garcia told the mother he didn’t remember doing that of which he was accused.

However, later Garcia changed his mind and said: he was under the influence of alcohol and could not remember what happened.

In particular, in a text message conversation, translated from Spanish to English, Garcia responds to the accusation with "Forgive me, I don’t do it again or get close to (the girl). I promise you it won’t happen again and I’ll be there Sunday. I was drunk and I didn’t remember. I only remember that I was sitting in the chair when I woke up, I promise..."

According to the police report, the Mexican has regularly committed various crimes. In addition to sexual abuse of children, the man has, at different times, been accused of possession of drugs, obstruction of justice and resisting to arrest.

Garcia invoked his right to remain silent when Spanish-speaking investigators showed up to his home. He’s being held without bond. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has put a hold on him, PCSO said.

Garcia, PCSO says, also has gone by the name “Lorenzo Sipriano.”

This is also too familiar a place for Polk County Sheriff’s Office. Two weeks before arresting Garcia, PCSO jailed Jesus Ramirez-Velasco on 20 counts of rape after his girlfriend’s daughter told detectives Ramirez-Velasco had been forcing sex on her at least once a week for five months. Ramirez-Velasco slithered back into the country after his 2008 deportation to Mexico.

Garcia’s relatives found themselves in a familiar place on Aug. 24 after an 8-year-old described a terrifying previous night to her mother.

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