Alex Jones Is Calling on Congress to Enforce the First Amendment
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Alex Jones Is Calling on Congress to Enforce the First Amendment


WASHINGTON, DC – September 13, 2018

Alex Jones explained to reporters his goal in traveling to Washington D.C. last Wednesday for congressional hearings at which Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg testified:

“My main goal is to warn the American people that our cherished First Amendment is literally being stolen, is being robbed from us right now. They've had now eleven hearings where they demonize myself, the Free Press, the Dredge Report — you name it — and Conservative talk radio calling for us to be deplatformed. Then we have senators Warner and Wyden and Murphy saying don't just get rid of Alex Jones which happened a month ago, “criminal deplatforming”, but they say “get rid of thousands of other sites”. So they've brought in the Southern Poverty Law Center and Media Matters with big tech admittedly in people's accounts watching them like the East German Stasi deleting people.”

“I'm here to raise the alarm and point out that they've had all these hearings and I've never been called. So I've been calling and writing and so did my listeners, and I've called members of Congress. I've gotten my contacts I've had lobbyists try to call them and say: 'Listen, you need to have me in the committee hearing here', because in some of these hearings they literally have people from the CIA and others opps in defense committees, in the House and these are main committees going “Well, Jones is a Russian operative”! I mean it's completely criminal! But these members of the government doing it inside of committee hearings! I guess legislatively protected, as my lawyers tell me, to then lie about me? So it's just it's so incredibly dangerous!

We need First Amendment enforcement that these big tech giants have operators monopolies, they've operated as public comments and they've argued that it's not their job to control your third-party content unless it's illegal then they call the police. But they're going back on that now and discriminating conservatives, nationalists and Patriots. This is a major civil rights violation, that's a major violation of people's privacy. That's putting people into political groups and naming them which group they're in and tracking them and treating them differently. It’s very very un-American. So we simply need the enforcement of the First Amendment brought back in under the power of the executive in an emergency action because Congress is asleep at the switch”, Alex Jones said to the media.

In July, YouTube closed down all of his affiliated channels, which collectively had some 2.4 million subscribers. Apple, Pinterest, Spotify and Facebook each suspended Infowars accounts.

On September 6th, Twitter has banned journalist Alex Jones and his website InfoWars from its platform, accusing him of “abusive behavior and policy violation”, as USA Really reported earlier.

Author: USA Really