Study Shows That Drinking the Blood of the Young May Actually Rejuvenate the Body
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Study Shows That Drinking the Blood of the Young May Actually Rejuvenate the Body


SAN FRANCISCO — September 13, 2018

Are vampires on to something? This is no joke, friends. When Irish author Bram Stoker wrote one of the most famous novels in the world named "Dracula" he hardly thought that a century later, the use of human blood for rejuvenation will be the subject of serious scientific research.

The results of a related recent study were published by the journal Nature. The article was devoted to the problem of aging and its co-morbidities.

London's Global University (UCL) scientists conducted tests on the 3- and 18-month-old mice. Pouring blood plasma from young mice to 'elderly', the researchers noticed that the second such didn't develop age-related diseases or developed much more slowly.

"Altered gut microbiota, removal of senescent cells, blood factors obtained from young individuals and drugs can all improve late-life health. And although we are extremely far from preventing aging, longer human lives is something that could happen in the near future," said British geneticist Professor Linda Partridge - "Many people believe aging as a 'natural process', assuring that it is not good to prevent with nature, but we've always considered to treat diseases and help people as our duty."

The recent study is just part of a large program supported by Ambrosia in San Francisco, organized by PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel.

This startup is already selling young blood plasma at a price of $8 thousand for 2 liters.

Of course, this does not mean that we need to become vampires right away or that the blood will soon be sold in pharmacies as a rejuvenator. There is still a lot of research to be done to see if the same effect is achieved in humans as in mice.

Scientists say that there is an easier way to stay youthful.

"Simple lifestyle changes will help 'rejuvenate'," says Linda Partridge "We can quit smoking, eat healthy food, play sports, but not everyone has the willpower to do it."

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