New Murders in Chicago: Police Counted 27 Killed
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New Murders in Chicago: Police Counted 27 Killed


CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — May 26, 2018

Several more people were killed in a single Friday night in Chicago. It happened right on the eve of the Memorial Day weekend.

Police have reported 23 victims with heavy wounds and injuries and four others who were killed.  Doctors say many of the individuals are remain in critical condition.

Since May 24th the combined police task force has arrested 100 people and confiscated nearly 50 guns.

It has also stepped up its presence around the city’s biggest tourist attractions. Places such as the famed “Magnificent Mile” shopping section of Michigan Avenue, Navy Pier, the city’s beaches, and other hotspots have seen a greatly increased police presence.

So far, 846 people have been wounded in the Windy City and 164 killed in May alone, for a total of 1010 shot. While another 34 hav been murdered by other means.

However, the city’s murder rate has trended down so far this year compared to the last two years. By May 2016, there had been 262 murders compared to 256 last year. This year has seen 208 homicides thus far.

Despite the downward trend, Chicago remains one of the most violent cities in the country.

Author: USA Really