6 People Are Dead After Shooting Spree in California
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6 People Are Dead After Shooting Spree in California


CALIFORNIA — September 13, 2018

Six people, including the shooter were killed in two separate but related shootings in Bakersfield, California.

At about 5:20 p.m. on Wednesday the shooter arrived at a trucking business behind Bear Mountain Sports with his wife.

There he apparently had an altercation with a man whom he shot and killed. He then turned to his wife and shot and killed her.

Following the killings, he chased a person who witnessed the shooting to the front of Bear Mountain Sports where he shot and killed him too.

He then fled to a residential home on Breckenridge Road, shot two more people. Thereafter, he left the home and hijacked a nearby vehicle with a woman and child inside at Fillmore Avenue. The woman and child in the vehicle luckily managed to escape safely.

The man then drove to Edison Highway where he was confronted by a deputy.  The suspect then shot himself in the chest and died at the scene. The deputy did not fire in the confrontation.

Authorities said the entire shooting took place within 15 minutes.

The motive and what the gunman's relationship was to the victims is still unclear.

Investigators are questioning about 30 witnesses in this case.

Author: USA Really