The Big Questions: Terrorism, Morality, Illegal Immigration, and More
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The Big Questions: Terrorism, Morality, Illegal Immigration, and More


Hi everyone, this is Jesse Dominick for USA Really, a project focused on providing vital information that is often hushed up by the conventional American media. We aim to finally give a voice to those whose voices aren't usually heard by the mainstream, corporate media, presenting a realistic portrait of what's happening in the United States from people who don't usually get their stories told.

Unbiased, honest stories that inform and Illuminate the struggles and triumphs of everyday Americans is what USA Really is all about.

Everyone at USA Really has been working hard to bring you top-notch journalism and stories, and there have been a number of good pieces over the past week. Of course, at this time of year, our thoughts always go to the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001, and two pieces addressing this history-changing event have appeared on our pages.

The article “Nothing Has Been Forgotten: New Evidence Emerges 17 Years After the 9/11 Attacks” from September 7 presents new information and a new eye-witness video from that tragic day. The video shows some survivors being led out of the area of the Twin Towers to ambulances, others being rolled out on beds. The article also notes that of the 2,977 people killed that day, the identities of less than 2,000 have been identified as of yet, the most recent being 26-year-old Scott Michael Johnson, whose remains were identified using a piece of his jawbone. The piece also gives important in formation on FBI agents who have since died from 9/11 related illnesses.

The second piece on 9/11 is “9/11: Conspiracy, Hoax or Terrorist Attack? After 17 Years, There Are Still Questions”, published on September 11. It opens with a look at the amazingly quick pace at which the Patriot Act was pushed through Congress and onto the president’s desk, becoming law within a month after 9/11. The Patriort Act has of course become hugely controversial in the aftermath. There is also a discussion of what conspiracy theorists have said about the day, and a look at some of the evidence that does not easily line up with the official story we’re being told.

The article “Drang Nach Osten, XXI Century: Soviet Threat Is Long Gone, But NATO Still Pushes East” from September 7 takes a look at the continuing expansion of NATO, which was founded on April 4, 1949 “to protect Europe from Soviet influence,” but is still going strong nearly 3 decades after the fall of the USSR and still continuing to move towards Moscow.

To Love and Cherish All the Days of Your Life,” from September 7, takes a heartwarming look at Adalia Rose, a young girl who suffers from Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria syndrome, a rare genetic condition characterized by the dramatic, rapid appearance of aging in childhood. Though life expectancy for children with this disorder is only 13 yrs, Adalia is determined to be an inspiration rather than to wallow in despair. Millions of her followers on FB and YouTube enjoy following the life of this precious little girl.

In the article “A Conversation About Our Current Moral Compass” from Sept. 7, Winston Smith takes a thought-provoking look at the direction America is heading, using the climbing rates of syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia as his jumping off point. He asks himself, ““Am I premature in saying “so much for ultra-liberal” ideals?” and then analyzes that question with the reader, examining various sociological theories of morality and what exactly is happening in the American conscience. A recent study has shown that promiscuous Americans are more likely to be political liberals than moderates or conservatives, but why is this so, and what does it mean for us moving ahead?

In a related issue, the article “American Pharmacists Call for Taking HIV Prevention Pill Raising the Medicine’s Cost” notes that about 1.2 million in America should be on PrEp, a medicine that claims to reduce the risk of getting HIV by more than 90% from sex and by more than 70% of drug injections. Of course, curbing sexual promiscuity could easily take the place of this drug, but, then again, where is our moral compass? However, only about 120,000 of those 1.2 million have fulfilled prescriptions, largely due to the medicine’s high costs which have risen 45% since 2012. Checkout the article to learn about how some states are addressing the problem.

Another article tackles the thorny and hot-button issue of illegal immigration. “Gangster America: Illegal Immigration Does Increase Violent Crime” from Sept. 8 examines crime statistics over the past several years, showing that 41.7% of all offenders are non-citizens, including 72% of drug offenders. There are a number of large, inter-state gangs operating in America today, wreaking havoc on their communities and each other, with the gangs consisting of 60-90% illegal immigrants. The most criminal cities and states are on the west coast and in the southern part of the country, where illegal Mexican immigrants live. But will these facts change liberal attitudes towards illegal immigration?

A related story is told in the article, “Man Deported to Mexico Returns to Take Revenge, Rapes the Child” from Sept. 12, which tells about A Mexican man who was deported from Florida as an illegal immigrant infiltrated back and raped an 8-year-old child in Polk County. Now 29-year-old Wilibaldo Garcia has been charged with sexual battery on a victim under 12 after an 8-year-old told her mother Garcia entered her bedroom during the night and fondled her. 

USA Really also offers a look at the continuing story of Harvey Weinstein, the king of Hollywood perverts, in the article “Harvey Weinstein Hired Israeli Intelligence Company to Silence His Victims,” from Sept. 10. The US Attorney’s Office in New York is looking into Weinstein‘s relationship with the private spy firm Black Cube to determine whether the Hollywood producer broke federal law in any efforts to silence women who accused him of sexual misconduct. Weinstein and is lawyers claim he had to contact the firm to protect himself from reckless allegations. We’ll  have to wait and see what the courts determine as the truth.

Renowned journalist Bob Woodward’s new book “Fear: Trump in the White House” came out yesterday, detailing the alleged erratic behavior of President Trump, dangerous for national security, and White House Aides’ attempts to rein him in. President Trump has called the book a pack of lies and Woodward an attention-seeker. The full story is given in “Bob Woodward on Donald Trump: ‘People Better Wake Up to What’s Going On,’” from Sept. 10.

A recent study found that long-term exposure to air pollution leads to reduced cognitive ability. In this light, Winston Smith asks “Why Do Our Leaders Want to Dummify and Kill Us?” posted on USA Really today. News that President Trump plans to relax fuel efficiency standards dramatically will certainly put more dangerous airborne particulates from vehicles into the air mix Americans breathe. On top of this, the Environmental Protection Agency determined that Trump’s new regulations for emissions at coal-burning power plants will cause an additional 1,400 deaths a year, which says nothing about long-term cognitive or general health effects. Smith argues that this news should dominate over the Russian collusion stories, but as he says, “we’ll wait and see.”

An especially important piece to read is “Disabled People Are Dying from Improper Medical Treatment and Harassment in the U.S.” from Sept. 8 that tells the heart-wrenching and terrible story of Riva) Yevdayev and her daughter Anna Galeyeva. Riva addressed a letter to USA Really, detailing the nightmare that their lives have become, as an ongoing battle with Harbor Regional Center (HRC) in Torrance, CA. Poor little Anna began to get seriously ill at the age of 2, and suffered from permanent overdosing at the center. As Anna’s’ condition later improved and worsened alternatively, HRC showed little to no willingness to help Riva deal with the situation. During one particularly difficult episode, Riva begged the police to take Anna to a specialized neurological hospital, but instead they took her to prison, where she was denied her medication, which led to seizures. Riva had to post $3000 bail to get her daughter out. The same thing happened again many years later. She was then taken to a group home. Riva believes this is all happening because HRC is battling to keep Anna in the system, so they can continue to receive $18,000 per month for every person in their care. Anna has remained in the system for 12 yrs, and Riva still has not been able to get her daughter back, and she has all but lost all hope. Check out the full article to read the story in full and learn about others who are suffering the same fate.

The sad saga of Pope Francis and the pedophilia epidemic in the catholic Church continues. It now looks like the Catholic pontiff will meet with several Catholic leaders in the US tomorrow after President of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Cardinal Daniel DiNardo asked for the meeting after Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano last month accused the Pope of knowing for years about sexual misconduct by former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and of doing nothing about it. Pope Francis has been repeatedly opposed by leaders in the Catholic Church over the past 5 years, but this time the accustaions are more serious and acute. Could the Catholic Church end up with two retired living Popes, asks today’s article “Pope to Meet US Church Leaders Over Claims.”

We have many more articles that you can check out from this past week and from the past months. We’d love to see you sometime on our pages.


Author: USA Really