Ottawa Captain Eric Karlsson Traded to the Sharks
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Ottawa Captain Eric Karlsson Traded to the Sharks


USA – September 14, 2018

The trade of the whole inter-season period happened in the National Hockey League, as one of the strongest defensemen of the tournament and captain of the Ottawa Senators, Eric Karlsson, has moved to sunny California.  He is now a member of San Jose Sharks squad, competing in the Pacific Division.

"I'm just going to speak from my heart. I wish we were standing here in different circumstances," Karlsson said for his farewell speech behind the Ottawa fans.

"It's a very emotional and sad day for me and my family, but it's an unfortunate part of the the same time I also want to thank the San Jose Sharks for everything that they have done to acquire me. It showed a lot in how much they wanted me to be part of their organization and their team, and for that, I'm very grateful. I'm going to be extremely excited once I get there. And I'm looking forward to whatever is ahead of me," – continued the ex-captain of the Senators.

As a part of the trade Ottawa acquired forwards Chris Terney, Rudolfs Balcers, defenseman Dylan DeMelo and the rights to unsigned forward Joshua Norris. The Senators have also received a first-round-pick in either 2019 or 2020 Draft from San Jose, two conditional draft picks. The right to choose a second-rounder in 2019 has also been transferred from San Jose’s spot to Ottawa.

Having overall statistics of 627 games played for the Senators in the last nine regular seasons (with the exception of 2012-2013 one), earning 518 points (126 goals and 392 assists) there, as well as gaining 37 points (6 goals and 31 assists) in the post-season in 46 games, Karlsson is considered to be a great addition to the roster of one of the leading Pacific Division teams.

"I think that once it settles down here a little bit, you can start looking ahead and moving forward a bit, but as of right now, it's extremely emotional and a sad moment…even though you've heard a lot of things about that this could be possible, I think that you can't really prepare for anything. It's sad," – said Karlsson in the end of his post-trade speech.

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