Bloomberg Set to Run Against Trump in 2020
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Bloomberg Set to Run Against Trump in 2020


NEW YORK — September 15, 2018

The billionaire founder of a business news empire is preparing to run for president as a Democrat.

Bloomberg, 76, a former mayor of New York with a personal fortune of more than $50 billion, has previously considered running as an independent but decided against it in 2012 for fear of splitting the Democratic vote.

He has told confidants that he is planning to join the presidential race, in which several leading business figures could follow the example of Donald Trump and throw their hats in the ring.

"Mike Bloomberg told me he is going to run in 2020," a source said. "He has the money to see it through while other candidates knock themselves out."

It is no secret that politics is a lucrative business. Trump and Bloomberg can afford to play with a toy as big as politics. This is not the first hint that Bloomberg is thinking about a White House run in 2020. In June, he reportedly told the attendees of a high-dollar fundraiser that he’s 'revving up' for 2020. Six months before that, he played it coy when asked about a 2020 run.

"I suppose I could," he said. "But I have no plans to run for president."

It’s unclear how much support Bloomberg would have among Democrats if he were to launch a bid for the party’s nomination, but one Republican has already come out in support of the former mayor of New York.

"If I were a Democrat strategist … and somebody said to me, 'Who do you want to be the Democrat nominee for president of the United States?' there's only one name I would choose … and his name is Michael Bloomberg," Corey Lewandowski said last month.

It is too early to say that Trump has a really dangerous opponent, but today it is clear that Bloomberg has the support of both Democrats and even some Republicans.

Earlier it was reported that Bloomberg launched a cross-country program offering to fund for local projects aimed at reducing carbon emissions.

At each stop of the so-called 'New American Road Trip' (along with the route Las Vegas, Boulder, St. Louis and Pittsburgh)  cash prizes of up to $7,000 will be awarded for projects by schools, companies, or community organizations which offer innovative proposals for ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

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