The Paranormal Side of Hurricane Florence
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The Paranormal Side of Hurricane Florence


SOUTH CAROLINA — September 16, 2018

As if massive flooding and power outages were not enough to war about, a massive number of snakes began to appear in areas effected by hurricane Florence.

Thad Bowman with Alligator Adventure said that the flooding following Florence will distrupt snake habitats along waterways, dislocating them into the flood waters.

He added that people should not be out during the storm at all, but if you are bitten by a snake, you need to get to a hospital as soon as possible. While many area hospitals have been closed ahead of the storm, Conway Medical Center is still open.

It is difficult  to survive a snake bite on your own, so getting to a hospital is paramount.

A snake bite is an emergency worth calling 911, even during the storm. If you’re not dying or in an emergency, Horry County is asking that residents use the non-emergency number.

Horry County is home to many dangerous snakes such as the cottonmouth and the copperhead snake. Their bites are treatable by medical professionals, but people who  get bitten need to seek help as soon as possible.

"They inject venom, which causes tissue destruction, platelet loss, causes bleeding, it can cause death," Gerald O’Malley with Grand Strand Hospital said back in July.

To avoid snakes bite, doctors and specialists advise people to stay at home during natural disasters. The same applies to non-emergency situations. In the case of hurricanes, people are advised to call the rescue service and warn that you are at home, as well as to inform them whether everything is all right with you and whether any help is needed.

Last evening, a strange happening occurred at St. Marys near the Osprey Cove, when a local resident noticed an alligator crossing the road.

The Video posted on YouTube shows the gator making a run for it after crossing the road in the Osprey Cove in the back Tern Hall off S.C. 707.

The camerawoman is heard cracking up at the gator as it made its mad dash.

As for Hurricane Florence, this is the latest data regarding the situation.

  • Hurricane Florence has pounded the Carolina coast with 90mph winds and a life-threatening storm surge.
  • A mother and her infant child were killed by a tree that fell on their house in Wilmington, North Carolina.
  • Another person was electrocuted trying to plug in a generator, according to the governor’s office.
  • The storm has cut power to more than half a million households.
  • Florence made landfall on Friday morning as a category one hurricane, just outside Wilmington.
  • In Jacksonville, more than 60 occupants of a motel had to evacuate as a building crumbled.
  • In the city of New Bern, authorities have said they were scrambling to reach roughly 150 people stranded by flooding.
  • Some North Carolina jurisdictions are issuing curfews for Friday evening.
  • Some models are now predicting over 50 inches of rain for swaths of North Carolina.
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