Sam Patten: US Lobbyist Implicated in Funneling Oligarch’s Money 2-Trump as Part of Blotched Foreign Intelligence Operation
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Sam Patten: US Lobbyist Implicated in Funneling Oligarch’s Money 2-Trump as Part of Blotched Foreign Intelligence Operation


When MSM breaks a story, you better watch out, especially when it is done professionally — and picked up by the cross section of the mainstream media from the get go.  Take the case of the now infamous American lobbyist, Republican Operative, Sam Patten.

Now one can only imagine a well written script that has it all. And to boot, he is tied in with Russian influence peddlers, Georgian pro-democracy politicians, various spy agencies and the US State Department.

It is almost like Tom Clancy Spy Novel. Sam Patten Caught Red Handed, double agent, US citizen, who has just pleaded guilty to a plethora of allegations, yet to be sentence, and now flipped by US Federal Prosecutors.

He is alleged to have been a foreign agent working for a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine. ll that information and more can be found on the internet and in the commentaries of learned pundits.   Basically, he is said to be involved in funneling foreign money, from Ukraine and other offshore sources, into the Trump political campaign.

This was done indirectly, by working as an unregistered foreign agent and having purchased tickets under the names of US citizens for foreign nationals to attend Trump’s inauguration.

Not so serious, stuff, or a ploy of something more sinister?

Sam Patten is also reported to have worked with Robert Mercer’s notorious Cambridge Analytica on microtargeting operations, election research, and his work helped get Trump elected.

But his track recording is most notorious in who are his clients, especially in the former Soviet Union, Republican of Georgia, and how he has been working for various sides who have claimed to have been diametrically opposed.

In this capacity he wrote articles and lobbied members of Congress and their staff, especially specifically those sitting on the Foreign Relations. According to Federal Court Documents, and part of the plea deal, his unregistered and alleged illegal activities were undertaken mainly in promoting foreign interests and influencing US policy towards Ukraine. Patten and his team also made use of the MSM to plant articles (e.g., “op-eds”) in the press.

Patten has worked closely with the former US Vice President Dick Chaney, Freedom House in Russia, and was on the cutting edge with the Republican Institute, during the time it was headed up by US Senator John McCain. It is noteworthy that they worked together, and has shared interests in Georgia, especially prior to the 2008 Georgian-Russian war.

The NYT describes the case and Patten in interesting language, phrasing and cursing him at the same time, and this is strange.

The case sketched out by prosecutors encompassed Mr. Patten, a respected Republican operative and consultant whose family was once part of Washington’s social elite; money transfers from a Cypriot bank; and a Russian national who had also worked for Paul Manafort, Mr. Trump’s former campaign manager, and been accused of maintaining ties with Russian intelligence agencies

All this presents a dark picture. But when you have encountered Patten before, and seen his track record, it is hardly surprising. This is a man with deep connections in the Republic of Georgia from the days when it was the regional CIA dirty tricks base, as it still largely is until everything can be transferred to Poroshenko’s Ukraine.

It used to be said of Russian emigres in the West that if they weren’t a prince when they left Russia, they were by the time they got to their new country. Patten is yet another example of what the relationship between the US and tiny Georgia does: if he wasn’t a crook before he went there, he became one as soon as he arrived, and had thus earned his ticket to more lucrative official crimes later.

Patton has no shame. He has worked for both Mikheil Saakashvili and Bidzina Ivanishvili, who replaced the former Georgian Saakashvili, claiming to be his opposite, following the 2012 Georgian election. Ivanishvili may not be the murderous crook Saakashvili is, but he was also parachuted into his job by the US to clean up the embarrassment Saakashvili had become – and therefore protect US interests, rather than those of Georgia and the region.

Saakashvili now claims, as reported to CNN, that Sam Patten is blackmailing him over their close connections and for him not to speak out about their cozy and finally tight relationship. And knowing the links between Georgia and special prosecutor, something that has not been reported in the media, I smell a rat.

It is worth mentioning that Robert Mueller, who made several visits to Georgia in the US attempts to clean up the weapon trafficking scandals that the former Georgia president and his minions were involved in, raises many other questions.

Hence Patten is perfectly happy working all sides of many fence, and based on his recent conviction, he is still working for US interests, at least those of the real Republican party.

It is this, rather than contrition, which has persuaded him to agree to co-operate with Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. He is hoping to turn star witness, and “somehow” get more reward from doing that than he is from helping his previous donors.

Is he still a spy for hire, or has he merely changed employer—even now—in name only?

But who exactly is that employer?

Robert Mueller is making a lot of capital out of allegedly being an impartial Special Prosecutor, whose purpose is to get at the truth — and only the truth, no politics involved.

We already know much about Robert Mueller, from people with those same Georgian connections, and from the staff of Veterans Today — a US based military/veterans affairs online magazine.

Muller and Patten are all in thick with the deep state, or whatever you want to call it — the swamp.

As Trump has said, Mueller’s investigation is not so much about Trump and his dirty deeds, or any alleged connections to Russian or other offshore money (Ukrainian and Georgian, strangely enough) but with maintaining things the way they were in Washington (and will continue to be).

Most of the complaints President Trump has made about Mueller's "sprawling" investigation have been on target and completely valid. Trump may well be a terrible president, more than a little mad, and one who should be impeached and convicted, at least for supporting war crimes in Yemen and Syria at the very least, even violating international law in Palestine.

But Mueller's investigation has been an illegitimate “witch hunt” from the get go — and we are starting to understand that only too well.

Trump is right: the deep state is out to get him, trying to trap him; he has much more important things to work on. Despite Trump’s many crimes, real and perceived, he is being hounded out of office by what he rightly claims is "a sad chapter for law enforcement," and "a rigged system".

So, has Patten really changed sides by acting as the fall guy, and pleading guilty rather than taking the opportunity to defend himself?

Mueller’s agenda is not to restore justice and the American way but to secure the outcome the Deep State wants, his agenda comes before justice, which would get Trump anyway. Then the Deep State can continue to operate above justice, in the same way you wouldn’t dare to give Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein a parking ticket in front of the Washington Post.

Author: Jeffrey Silverman