A Woman Fallen Down in the Abyss and Stayed Alive
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A Woman Fallen Down in the Abyss and Stayed Alive


CALIFORNIA — 27 May, 2018

A Californian woman survived a perilous 700-foot plunge off a highway atop the San Bernardino Mountains.

The unidentified 26-year-old woman crashed around 5:45 p.m. while driving southbound on Highway 18. She appeared to have made an intentional left turn off the road. Later she was able to call for help but couldn’t tell dispatch her exact location. Using her cellphone, authorities were able to figure out her approximate whereabouts, California Highway Patrol Officer Juan Quintero told The San Bernardino County Sun.

San Bernardino County firefighters said it was difficult to find her in the dense woods as it was like trying to find “a needle in the haystack.” When the firefighters finally managed to locate her, they needed to tie their longest rope (500 feet) and another rope together in order to reach her.

"I don't know what her prognosis will be, but she has an altered level of consciousness and some back pain, understandably," said doctors in a hospital where the accident victim was sent.

The California Highway Patrol is investigating the circumstances of the crash. The witnesses said she tried to commit suicide.

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