Is Jeff Bezos Nightmare World the Future for America's Children?
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Is Jeff Bezos Nightmare World the Future for America's Children?


Jeff Bezos, a man with a net worth of over 100 billion dollars, is the richest man in America. He is also the richest man in the world, and, very possibly, one of the richest men to ever live in the history of the world alongside figures like John D. Rockefeller and Marcus Linus Crassus. Even leaving aside his massive wealth, he wields immense influence and power over America’s supposedly “free society.” The Washington Post, perhaps the most important and influential paper in the nation’s capital is owned, lock, stock, and barrel by Bezos, who wields strict editorial control over its content, making sure it pushes his globalist, corporatist ideology.

In addition Bezos is the founder and CEO of Amazon. The single largest, and most profitable online marketplace in the world. A company which has essentially a monopoly on online commerce in the United States, commerce upon which vast swathes of the population depend for their everyday material existence, whether it be by being a small seller on Amazon (and thus having their livelihoods depend on it) or by being someone who depends on Amazon for deliveries of basic items like food or medicine.

Amazon also employs thousands of individuals in the United States, many of whom, especially those working in Amazon’s many regional warehouses and distribution centers where online orders are processed, were forced out of formerly well paying factory jobs by the very forces of globalization that Davos class Billionaires like Bezos advocate for.

Conditions in these warehouses are notoriously bad, with employees forced to toil long hours for low pay in terrible conditions. Conditions that are so bad employees are regularly taken out on stretchers on hot days by paramedics when temperatures inside the warehouse regularly soar to over 100 degrees fahrenheit. Employees working in these warehouses are also regularly blocked by management from receiving unemployment benefits and can be fired if they burst into tears on the job due to the futility of attempting to meet their unrealistic production quotas.

Thus, we can see that Amazon’s and thus, by extension, Bezos success has been primarily fueled by a brutal ethic of exploitation of American workers. Workers who he sees as merely automatons from which excess value can be extracted.

As if this all weren’t horrible enough, Bezos has recently set his cold-blooded and calculating eyes on a new set of victims to be potentially exploited: America’s children. Bezo’s recently announced a set of philanthropic goals, no doubt largely to counteract the negative image his company has rightly earned as being a notorious exploiter of America’s working class. These goals include initiatives aimed at “helping” the poor, including poor children. He intends to build a series of schools in low income communities in the United States where children “will be the customer.”

No doubt, speaking of children in economic terms may seems normal for an emotionally stunted individual like Jeff Bezos, but to the rest of America it seems repulsive and bizarre. Children are not commodities which can be bought and sold, or used as convenient PR props by corrupt, soulless, and corrupt billionaires like Bezos and the Davos class of parasites which he calls friends.

Bezo is most likely attempting to use these children and his newfound philanthropic desires as a cover to obscure his unethical business practices from the media. As a thoroughbred hyper capitalist cynic he simply does not care whether or not his philanthropy actually helps suffering individuals in low income communities so long as his bottom line and media image is improved in the process.

One wonders what exactly will be taught in these Bezos funded schools. Will there be lessons on how subservience to cut-throat oligarchs is a natural good? How organized labor is a plague which must be stamped out? Or perhaps on why working long hours for low pay is actually good for your soul, and helps to build character?

After all, if Bezo’s nightmarish vision for America comes to pass, there will be little the children suffering under his educational dictates will have to look forward to anyway. As it will be a future populated by a super-rich elite whose every whim will be serviced by robots with advanced AI and low paid servants, while regular people are forced into cut-throat, darwinian competition for the few jobs that still exist.

A giant underclass or “reserve army” of temporary workers will emerge who have no prospects for employment and thus also no prospects for normal family life either. Thus most parts of the country will degenerate into social and economic squalor, with crime and drugs becoming common outlets for the inevitable despair which will set in amongst the population.

But for Bezos, the 100 billionaire, this won’t be much of a problem. He will enjoy attending fancy parties, eat only the finest food, and travel all over the world in the utmost luxury and comfort. And when he does see the faces of the exploited workers he helped to oppress it will be from the comfort and safety of his private helicopter, which will fly over the shanty towns which, even now, are beginning to develop in many American cities.

Exploitive oligarchs like Bezos must be stopped if America’s children are to have any future that doesn’t involve corporate slavery and despair. America, in spite of the efforts of individuals like Bezos, is still, ultimately, a democracy and its fate still lays, at least for now, in the hands of its citizens.

Citizens, who if they wish to preserve their livelihoods and freedom, should begin to organize to demand not only better working conditions for Amazon employees, but also the seizure and redistribution of Bezos financial assets. Assets which were acquired via unethical and exploitative practices on his part, and thus assets which he has no legal or ethical entitlement to possess.

No single man, especially one as corrupt and exploitive as Bezos, should possess such massive and ill-gotten wealth. it belongs to the people of the United States, and it’s long past time they took it back.

Author: P.D. Corday