Daycare Owner Kept Children in Closets for Hours and Chained Them by Their Necks
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Daycare Owner Kept Children in Closets for Hours and Chained Them by Their Necks

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office

MESQUITE, TEXAS — September 18, 2018

A daycare owner has been arrested after it was discovered she had been mistreating the children in her care, including keeping babies inside closets for hours on end.

Rebecca Anderson, 60, was arrested in Mesquite, Texas on Friday and was charged with nine counts of endangering a child.

According to the police report, the father of one of the child accidentally found out about the actions of the daycare owner after his son told him. To find out, he secretly installed surveillance cameras in his six-month-old son's car seat and gathered all the necessary information in a few days.

Then dad notified police of what he found on the tape and Anderson was quickly arrested.

Footage shows Anderson yanking the boy out of his car seat and feeding him an "unknown substance using a plastic liquid syringe," the warrant said.

When police arrived at Becky's Day Care, which was ran from her home, they found three children in their car seats in the wardrobes of her master bedroom and another child in the master bathroom.

The children had "shoelace like ligatures" around their necks which officers had to cut off, according to the arrest warrant.

Police asked her how many children were inside her home and Anderson lied and said there were only five.

Within moments, officers discovered four more children.

Anderson then confessed that she sometimes left the children in their car seats for up to seven hours a day.

She also admitted to giving them unnecessary doses of the painkiller Tylenol to "make them stop crying".

Anderson has been charged with nine counts of endangering a child and faces a $25,000 bond for each charge.

This investigation is ongoing and "is a collaborative effort between multiple agencies and care providers."

The Mesquite Police Department is now appealing for parents who believe their children may have been victimized to contact them.

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