The Bloody Trace of Rahm Emanuel
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The Bloody Trace of Rahm Emanuel


On September 4, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that he would not run for office in the city's next mayoral election, which will take place on February 26, 2019. He made this statement during a press conference in City Hall.

"It's time to make a hard choice. Despite how much I love my job, and the fact that I will always love Chicago and its residents, I decided not to run in the upcoming elections," said 58 – year-old Rahm Emanuel, noticeably worried during his speech. His wife Amy Ruhl stood by. "It was my life's work, but it's not a life's work," he added.

Rahm Emanuel is the son of an Israeli doctor who moved to America. He grew up in the rich Chicago suburb of Wilmette. His career in politics began after University: in 1984 he worked at the headquarters of Senator Paul Simon, and in 1989 – at the headquarters of the future mayor of Chicago Richard Daly. Emanuel was a member of the Clinton administration from 1993 to 1998, serving as senior policy and strategy adviser. He also served three terms in the Illinois House of Representatives and later was President Obama's chief of staff at the beginning of Obama's first term. Rahm Emanuel has been mayor of Chicago since 2011; he is the 55th mayor of the city.

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Speaking about his decision not to run in the upcoming elections, Rahm Emanuel listed what he has managed to do over the past seven and a half years:

  • Improve Chicago schools
  • The transport system
  • Trust between the police and society.

He also mentioned his fight against street crime and violence in Chicago.


According to the CPD (Chicago Police Department), the level of violence in the city is decreasing for the 16th month in a row. The police are satisfied with the results, but at the same time recognize that more and better work is needed. At the same time, the statistics of violent crimes are striking.

In Chicago, where the life of a black man means nothing for liberals and fanatic Gun Control  supporters 59 is the average number of murders in the month. It turns out that the number killed by the Las Vegas is a monthly norm for the American capital of murders and the city beloved by gun control advocates. The Democrats in Congress who used the carnage in Las Vegas to get their way and ban gun ownership say nothing about the Chicago murders. At the same time, they shed tears about social justice:

The 2017 Las Vegas shooting was the deadliest mass murder in American history. You know what they call it in Chicago? June. In fact, in June in Chicago, 84 murders were committed, as the site confirms, which regularly conducts calculations. 76 people were killed there in July and 59 in August. So the number of deaths in Las Vegas during the deadliest mass murder in American history for Chicago is just the September norm.

In total during 2016, 519 murders were committed. But if we talk about the victims of violence with weapons in general, the statistics get really crazy. In 2015, 2,988 people were victims of such violence, as reported by the Chicago Tribune. In 2016, these figures increased dramatically. According to the newspaper, last year there were 4,368 victims.

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The Las Vegas killer used an optical sight, shooting from the room of the Chicago hotel Mandalay Bay. He didn't need to do that in Chicago because local gangs cope perfectly well without such advanced technology. These gangs, largely made up of illegal immigrants from South America, are the largest source of violence in the city. Another reason is the steady supply of drugs resulting from open borders. All of this is marked as "gun violence", although it is actually banditry fueled by the drug trafficking. Katie Pavlich writes in TownHall:

“As the violence in Chicago's gang plagued neighborhoods rages on, the underlying cause of the Windy City's murder rampages can be found thousands of miles away along a porous border. According to a report from Breitbart's Jeremy Segal, Mexican drug cartels are "allowed" to run Chicago's streets and young African-American men are killing each other as a result.

Harold “Noonie” Ward, a former high-ranking member of the Gangster Disciples, one of America’s largest street gangs, claims the deadly violence that is plaguing Rahm Emanuel’s “world-class city” of Chicago is because Mexican drug cartels are being allowed by “the powers that be” to operate freely and “run” Chicago’s streets.”

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has spoken out on the issue of violence in Chicago and that the reason for the violence is gangs, not guns. He gave an answer to liberals who ignore the fact that in the bastions of the Democratic party such as Chicago and Maryland, there are the most stringent in the U.S. laws on gun control. David Clarke said in the Fox Business program that Rambo, as Emanuel was called in the White House for his ruthlessness, is firing blanks, arguing that the root of the problem is the weapons and not the criminals who use them:

“Sheriff Clarke describes Emanuel as “dead wrong,” observing that “he must have gone to the same school that ‘president’ Barack Obama did on how to run a law enforcement agency. This is what happens when you have community organizers and academic elites and others who don’t know a thing about policing in the American ghetto start to dabble in police science.”

He says the cities experiencing these heightened levels of violence “might as well get used to it because this is what you’re going to have as long as you’re going to try to turn cops into social workers and you’re going to try to get them to emphasize de-escalation and more dialogue instead of going on the offensive to go after some very dangerous individuals.”

Indeed as Investor’s Business Daily noted in 2013, the problem in Chicago has historically not been gun violence, but gang violence.

The fact is that up to 80% of Chicago's murders and shootings are gang-related, according to police estimates.

By one estimate, the city has 68,000 gang members, four times the number of cops. A police audit last spring identified 59 gangs and 625 factions — mostly on the south and west sides — none of which is going to submit to things like universal background checks.

Nonetheless, the Chicago Mayor touts gun control and not goon control. He thinks you can make people safer by disarming them in the face of armed predators. While Emanuel and others cry for new laws, existing laws are not enforced in Chicago, even with the cities adoptive native son, Obama, having occupied the White House during eight years of carnage in Chicago.

Every month in Chicago there’s a mass murder fostered by liberals who blame the NRA and not the criminals who kill the innocent. Outlawing bump stocks will not make Chicago’s streets safer. Let the liberal politicians, Hollywood celebs and NFL millionaires come to Chicago and take a knee for the victims of their lax law enforcement and sanctuary city policies.

Author: USA Really