Congressman's Staff Was Forced to Clean Up after His Dog
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Congressman's Staff Was Forced to Clean Up after His Dog


VIRGINIA - May 27, 2018

Virginia Rep. Tom Garrett and his wife made the congressman’s former staff personal servants. They assigning tasks from grocery shopping to fetching the congressman’s clothes and caring for their pet dog Sophie.

One of the aides said they have feared that they’d be fired in case of refusal. They have explosive tempers and nobody known what expected from them.

“I didn’t know who I was working for: Was I working for him? Was I working for her?” he said. “We became their gofers.”

A spokesman for Garrett, Matt Missen, declined to give a comment with detailed list of complaints about the office.

“We see no reason to respond to anonymous, unfounded allegations primarily targeting Congressman Garrett’s wife” said Missen. “It is easy to spread untruths and even easier to exaggerate and imply wrongdoing when none exists.”

All of this happened when Garrett’s chief of staff, Jimmy Keady, abruptly parted ways with the congressman. It was due to his dispute with Garrett over the couple’s alleged misuse of the office.

One staffer recalled an instance in which he had been asked to pick Mrs Garett up from the grocery store, drive her to the apartment and help to unload groceries. Tom Garrett was at a baseball game at a time so was unable to help.

Or when they had to transporting back to Garrett’s Washington apartment the dog which was forgotten in the office. Or they had to clean up the mess when the dog occasionally defecated on the floor.

Also aides served as a drivers for the congressman’s children. One person remembered an incident in which Flanna lashed out at a staffer when he was not picked up the congressman from his apartment after he overslept.

The House Ethics manual prohibits lawmakers from using staff for anything other than official congressional duties. The group of former staffers insist to immediate investigation over the violence against them.

Author: USA Really