The State Could Not Provide Treatment to the Man After He Was Wounded Protecting the Woman
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The State Could Not Provide Treatment to the Man After He Was Wounded Protecting the Woman


EAST ATLANTA, GEORGIA — September 19, 2018

A man was shot outside an East Atlanta Village restaurant early Tuesday when he tried to help his friend being robbed at gunpoint.

According to the police report, an unknown group waited until the woman had just said goodbye to her friends, a man and his girlfriend, who continued to their own car not far away. Then one of them jumped out of nowhere and began to demand money and valuables from the woman which stayed near her car. It was all at gunpoint. As it turned out this was happening as she was getting into her car outside the Flatiron Bar and Restaurant on the corner of Flat Shoals Avenue and Glenwood Avenue.

To the first man jumped two more who were also armed. The woman screamed and her scream was overheard by a passerby.

The man, who asked to remain anonymous, ran over when he heard the woman scream for help. He reached for his own gun to protect her, "but was shot in the right leg before he was able to get a shot off."

Then as it turned out, the attackers fled. The woman called the police and an ambulance. Officers responded just after midnight and spoke with the man before he was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment. He is now recovering at home.

"He stated that he immediately fell to the (g)round and was not able to get a good description of the suspects or what vehicle they left in," police said in the report.

The woman, who also asked not to be identified, told officers she saw the men get out of a black sedan parked a few cars ahead of hers. They put guns in her face and snatched her purse and cellphone, she said.

Investigators were able to collect some shell casings from the scene and were hoping to access surveillance footage from nearby businesses, according to the report.

First of all, it should be noted the brave and responsible act of a man who was not afraid and stood up for a woman. But on the other hand, before he did that, most likely, the man had to be sure of gratitude for his actions he'll get unlikely.

In addition to the regular interrogations and challenges first to the prosecutors, then to the court, it's nothing to wait for. Unfortunately, the authorities don't take into account such support for own residents, and it is unlikely that someone will provide him with proper medical care after the injury.

Medicine in the US is known not cheap. Now the man will first have to explain at work why he is forced to take a sick leave, then look for funds for the treatment, if he has insurance, an employer should compensate the cost of it. Do you think that anyone would want that? No, they probably wouldn't.

And what good would it have been for this woman if a man had done something different? How nice it would be if the attackers hadn't raped her first and then killed her. How will the state thank a random passer-by who stood up for her, venturing his health? There are no answers to any of these questions because the system of society is built not to thank people for their civic position, but rather to get rid of such cases. And it's not about getting rid of assault cases. The police will never be able to protect all citizens at the same time. It is about having some institutions of protection and support for those who can just stand up for another.

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