English, Do You Speak It: Pilot and Stewardess Kidnaped Chinese Student
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English, Do You Speak It: Pilot and Stewardess Kidnaped Chinese Student



Jonathan McConkey and Kelsi Hoser, a pilot and flight instructor and a flight attendant respectively, are in the middle of a controversial case after they are accused of having tried to deport a Chinese citizen who was in the United States taking an aviation course .

The victim was identified as Tianshu "Chris" Shi, 21, and the incident occurred at IASCO Flight Training, an aviation school in Redding, California.

According to some media in the country, the event occurred last Thursday, within a housing complex in Redding. Tianshu "Chris" Shi was visited by the two suspects who told him that the next day he would travel back to China.

Although the young man explained that he wasn't aware of any transfer and that he didn't know what was happening, the response of the instructors remained imperative.

On Friday, hours after the unfortunate incident occurred, Tianshu "Chris" Shi decided to question the instructors again but this time recording them without them noticing.

These are some of the phrases released by the instructors:

"You go home, with or without your luggage," says McConkey followed by Hoser: "If you can not speak English, you can not be here."

"Your ass is going to get on that plane right now or I'll break your damn arm, you better know I'm threatening you, the US government needs you out of this country right now, understand?" to the man.

The woman's voice continues:

"You're here as illegal, you know that, if you do not come with us, you'll go to prison."

According to witnesses, after the claim of the Chinese citizen, both instructors removed him by force from his room.

The police arrived at the municipal airport and found the instructors next to the Chinese citizen. Both were accused of having kidnapped and attempted to board a student by force.

The plan, according to the press, was to use a plane from the school itself to take Tianshu "Chris" Shi to a larger airport. Both would make sure that the Chinese citizen board a return plane to his homeland.

The case has caused outrage among the American people and the immigrant community. A student at the same school also stated that both instructors tried to expel him too.

Author: USA Really