New Deaths Reported as a Result of Hurricane Florence
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New Deaths Reported as a Result of Hurricane Florence

Andrew Caballero-Reynolds

SOUTH CAROLINA — September 19, 2018

The aftermath of hurricane Florence continues in North Carolina. Today it was reported that two more people were killed as a result of a van being swept into the flood waters. This time the victims of the disaster were two detainees being transported from Conway to Darlington on Tuesday night when they were overtaken by flood waters.

According to the Horry County Sheriff's Department, the two detainees died on the spot. Authorities later confirmed the information.

Horry County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Brooke Holden said the van the officers were traveling in was near the Little Pee Dee River, one of the bodies of water officials in South Carolina are watching closely as water continues to poor into the state from upriver in North Carolina following the heavy rains of Florence.

Holden says the deputies tried to get the detainees out but couldn't open the doors. High-water rescue teams plucked the deputies from the top of the van.

The incident is being investigated by the State Law Enforcement Division. At present, 37 people have died as a result of the hurricane.

Author: USA Really