The Mystery of Solar Observatory Evacuation Is Solved
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The Mystery of Solar Observatory Evacuation Is Solved


NEW MEXICO – September 20, 2018

September 7, 2018 News about the sudden evacuation of the solar Observatory Sunspot in New Mexico, where dozens of FBI cars descended, and special agents, as reported in social networks, witnesses, even landed on the roof, stirred up the supporters of conspiracy theories.

The special charm of the news was added by the fact that the Sunspot Observatory is located 200 kilometers from the place where the Roswell incident occurred in 1947 and about the same distance from the place where the atomic bomb was tested a little earlier:

The Mystery of Solar Observatory Evacuation Is Solved

Obviously, people suspected all sorts of unusual things, including alien invasion. However, soon it was soon revelaed that at the same time the office of the United States Postal service, located a few hundred meters nearby, was evacuated:

The Mystery of Solar Observatory Evacuation Is Solved

The FBI and police cars, military and helicopters were seen all over the place, the evacuation was carried out from many buildings. The police even found in the parking lot a strange abandoned case, which was opened by sappers with robots and dogs. 

But even though the incident was discussed on a big scale, the solution was prosaic: the sudden and previously unexplained evacuation of a New Mexico solar observatory on Sept. 6 was prompted by a child pornography investigation, according to Federal Bureau of Investigation documents.

An individual is suspected of "utilizing the wireless internet service of the National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico, to download and distribute child pornography,” Reuters reported Wednesday, citing newly unsealed FBI records

A laptop at the facility was seized without the knowledge of the suspect — a janitor, the Albuquerque Journal reported. The evacuation came after that person became increasingly agitated, prompting concerns about the safety of staff at the observatory, the publication reports. 

The observatory reopened this week.  

The person being investigated has not been arrested or charged.

Author: USA Really