Panic and Fear Within the “Deep State”
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Panic and Fear Within the “Deep State”


USA – September 20,2018

The “deep state” is in a panic. Their crimes are coming to light. All attempts to sweep them back under the carpet are failing. The underlying mechanisms are becoming apparent and striking in their monstrosity and injustice. But worst of all for those concerned, they don't work anymore. Actions aimed at preserving their power are coming apart. Because of this, the “deep state” is panicking and drowning itself even deeper in its lies and incompetence. In his 30-minute video X22Report analyzes the signals and hidden messages, showing fear and despair in the “deep state.” Trump, Cavanaugh, events in North and South Korea, Libya, Syria, Norway all these particles of one big mosaic are brought together to show a picture of the collapse of the deep state.

Author: USA Really