Ultimatum of a Resentful Woman
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Ultimatum of a Resentful Woman


WASHINGTON – September 21, 2018

The new reality show entitled "Kavanaugh hearings" continues. Last month we’ve got to know about very much about Brett Kavanaugh, but we’ve got to know much more about American liberals. We understand who pays them, who their mouthpieces are, who is ready to defend their interests at the cost of betrayal, forgery, and falsification of data. We saw that they are ready to do anything just to slow down the Trump train even just a little bit, to delay the hearing, to prolong the moment of the illusion of their power.  They are ready to violate their own rules and disclose confidential information. They are ready to resort to dirty bureaucratic tricks, throwing several thousand pages of documents 1 day before the hearing... They have nothing but disdain for the law, they are ready to insist on investigation of an event which might haven taken place 35 years ago, and at the same time to react with indignation when it is refused to them. The scheme is quite old, but it has worked for years. Sexual assault... tt works perfectly, everytime. How many people unwanted by the “deep state” have been removed through this scheme? But this time, they were not well prepared. Whether it was because they  were sure that all previous tricks would work and didn't begin to prepare a backup option, they were shot of time, or they couldn’t find a reliable people. But they found Christine Blasey Ford, who 35 years ago was sitting next to Kavanaugh, or might have been. Who really remembers? 35 years have passed. Now this woman is demanding that the FBI investigate those events. There is no evidence, no sane witnesses, but there is a tenacious professional memory and confidence in her rightness. Speaking of witnesses, they have them, but they are not satisfied with Ford and its sponsors. So, CNN’s Jim Acosta invited Christine Ford’s classmate on his show on Wednesday to discuss the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh.
But it didn’t turn out like they wanted it to. The woman, Samantha Guerry, said girls were abused — but NOT by Brett Kavanaugh.

But Ford is not interested in such witnesses. She needs hers. She demands to call those on who will collaborate her story. It seems that she generally likes to demand and impose ultimatums. Well, it's understandable, she's not interested in the actual truth. She doesn't care about Kavanaugh. She doesn't care about the assault. If she did, she would have asked for justice 35 years ago. If she was interested in speaking the truth, she would not place conditions  irrelevant to her security. She needs a tribune, not the truth. This is the essence of her “conditions.” Lets look at her requirements. There are only 4 of them:

1. Ford does not want to be questioned by an outside counsel.

2. Ford does not want to testify in the same room as Brett Kavanaugh.

3. Ford wants the Senate to subpoena Mark Judge and other witnesses.

4. Ford wants no limit on her opening statement.

Are these conditions fair? It’s up you to decide. To me, they seem a bit odd.

1. Ford does not want to be questioned by an outside counsel. Why? If she dreams of revenge and the rule of law, why not tell the police, the court? If she wants the public to know the truth, why not to speak to the public? Why speak only in the Senate?

2. Ford does not want to testify in the same room as Brett Kavanaugh. Thats a weird condition.  She blames him, but she doesn't want him there. I do not remember any cases where a court removes the accused when the witness testifies. Or perhaps the normal law doesn't apply to her. Maybe it's hard for her to lie, looking into the eyes of the person she falsely accused of? Maybe there's hope for her yet in that case.

3. Ford wants the Senate to subpoena Mark Judge and other witnesses.  It's clear. The Senate should only listen to her point of view.

4. Ford wants no limit on her opening statement. She needs a stand. She doesn't care that it's the Senate that the Senate has rules that everyone should respect each other, that even the senators have time limits on the their speech... she wants to talk. And she want to talk about other things than the reason she was summoned. She wants to talk about the values of law and justice. And it doesn't matter that she violated all the principles that she plans to invoke in front of the Senate. The law is not apply to liberals, they're above it, as they have shown repeatedly.

Author: USA Really