On America’s “End All” Oil & Gas Boom
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On America’s “End All” Oil & Gas Boom


As an American citizen, I’m sick and tired of the game of “good cop – bad cop” politicians and the corporate elite play on us. While most of us carry on in an endless cycle of eating, work, sleep and mentally medicate in our daily lives, Washington and the press feed us a line. The latest, the miraculous wizardry of the U.S. becoming the world’s biggest oil producer again, it’s typical spoofing of Americans and the world. Here’s why.

The Dallas News reports: How booming US oil production dealt Trump a hole card in foreign policy.” Talk about putting the cart before the horse! This is as if Donald Trump is not fully owned and operated by big energy and other financial concerns. It should be abundantly clear by now that U.S. foreign policy is forged by the desperate need for growth that fuels the elites running Exxon, Shell, and other majors, not to mention the wider corporate shenanigans at home and abroad.

A media case in point comes in the form of CNN proudly proclaiming “America is now the world’s largest oil producer.” Unfortunately, nobody examines what it took for this to come about, or the final cost of America’s shale oil monstrosity. As the dinner bell is chiming for the financiers, who put Trump in place, the financial presses run red hot with the call for a bullish oil futures bonanza. It’s true industry media like Oil Price tell us “Investors Flock To U.S. Oil And Gas Lease Sale.” But these energy advertisements say nothing of global warming and far off proxy wars to cut off selected gas pipelines and competition. The corporate media propagandize as if dirty foreign policy business does not even exist. This is America, the great conquering democracy – oh brother are we in trouble. Now get this from Oil Price, the #1 source for energy news:

“The latest Bureau of Land Management lease sale, in New Mexico, could see an influx of investor interest in U.S. energy, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke told Fox News, saying the United States has already become the largest oil and gas producer in the world.”

Zinke, Trump’s public lands destroyer is ready to rip, snort, tear, rob, steal, and demolish anything that stands in the way of financiers draining every last drop from underneath the United States. The dog and pony show of the millennium continues with the Bureau of Land Management set to approve another four oil and gas lease sales in Wyoming, Alaska, in Colorado and another in New Mexico.  Oh, and there’s more still being offered in Nevada, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, and the eastern states.

Let’s be real here. The new Cold War with Russia, the renewed aggression toward Iran, the whole Middle East mess, it’s all over just what we all said it was when Bush invaded Iraq. I’m sad to say that millions in the world have died, and more millions have been displaced so that the same old elite families can win big. And the expense be damned.

How many out there quantify the lost opportunities and souls? Trillions spent killing in far off places in a war against an enemy no one has ever shown us. America is fighting a phantom enemy for decades now. Nothing has changed except that we’ve added 2,000 billionaires in an era when most of the world suffers austerity.

Donald Trump’s handlers want ALL the remaining fossil fuel as sellable commodity. This is not rocket science to understand. The news from The Guardian that the Trump administration wants to open up lease in all offshore territories should warn us. But folks, wake up, this was planned before Trump ever took office. Read this Heritage Foundation think tank report which starts with a statement from then President Barack Obama:

“We can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices.”

Indeed. What Obama failed to tell the American people is how he would direct the CIA and the State Department to undermine governments everywhere in the world starting with the so-called “Arab Spring” show. Libya fell, most of North Africa either bowed down or risked regime change, and Syria was turned into an ISIS catastrophe. Make no mistake, I am not just spouting theories here, this can all be proven. Russia is the enemy, even though no Russian has killed an American. Iran is the great terror threat, even though no Iranian has blown himself to bits at McDonald’s. And the environmental experts are now made into tree-hugging terrorists of another kind. Stop reading when you think I am wrong.

Planned, as I said. 42 National Parks threatened by an energy money making scheme like the world has never seen during Obama’s tenure, and now Trump is taking things farther.  In the Obama years, U.S. oil production was elevated to a 44 year high, something unprecedented and unwise given the situation with Climate change. As asinine as these energy moves are, I found a tiny glimmer of hope in a report from EcoWatch detailing how the states intend fighting Trump's “America-First Offshore Energy Strategy," and that as many as 64 environmental groups are opposing. Also, this story from Oil Change International calls the Trump plan a slap in the face to Americans, but a gift to Big Oil.” Janet Redman, who’s the U.S. Policy Director of Oil Change International, makes my argument for me:

“Today’s new offshore drilling plan reveals, once again, that Trump’s energy strategy entails little more than smoothing the road for Big Oil to get whatever they want. This plan is a gift to companies that want open access to our protected ocean waters and has literally no rational basis other than to curry favor with the oil industry. This is a purely political move devoid of any economic or demand driver.”

Donald Trump is the big oil bugler for a fossil fuels charge that will end up ruining huge swaths of U.S. territory, not to mention undermining any efforts we’ve made to control global warming. This Brookings Institute report entitled “Inside America’s oil boom” was intended to fortify the new policies, but inside it reveals the truth of Trump’s disastrous plan. Exxon Mobil, as I mentioned, is running the show in the famous Permian oil fields in Texas and New Mexico, where the first huge oil boom was launched back in the last 1960s and early 1970s. According to the report, Exxon is going to triple production by 2025, which means Americans will be driving their SUVs on cheap gas, in a continuous line to an environmental Armageddon. Quoting Brookings non-resident fellow, Jeffrey Ball on the merits of fracking and the new energy insanity:

“The shale revolution has turned once-obscure geological formations — known in the energy business as “unconventional” rock — into cultural landmarks of American energy supremacy: the Bakken, the Marcellus, the Eagle Ford.”

For anyone remotely interested in the future of planet Earth, Trump’s energy “experts” sound like lunatics. Conversely, the Ball piece outlines the wider insanity, but also offers another splinter of hope with a report that companies like Dutch Royal Shell are even considering future business based on something called “lower forever” gas prices. While Exxon and other big energy players seem to be thinking of ever-increasing consumption of fossil fuels that has no end, Shell does not seem to view oil and gas futures as some kind of Elysium, the never-ending paradise for Harvard Law investment types. According to Ball, the experts at Shell are ready to shift to the alternative energy business. This Fortune story by the author tells of Shell’s preparedness for the shift to electric and other energy sources that must come. But the problem now is the damage that will be done before the transition Shell has announced they are prepared for. These people are talking about 2040 and beyond, but Earth may not have that long if gas stays the cheapest commodity. Mark Kaufman over at Mashable frames our situation well with:

“Earth is in the midst of a 40-year-long accelerated warming trend spurred on by human-caused climate change, and 2018 isn't helping.”

The reporter shows evidence from NASA showing that our entire planet is heating up because of carbon dioxide buildup.The Guardian also reports the increasing severity of so-called El Niño and La Niña events, and that our weather is becoming more unpredictable and powerful. I’ve not space for a full explanation here, but the gist is this. For those people living in areas that are affected by the oscillating El Niño or La Niña effects, those effects are being amplified by global warming. The Trump administration “experts” are not telling the public about such effects because it is not in the interest of big energy. Bottom line, Trump and his handlers may end our world as we know it. And why should they care, Trump is in his 70s now, by 2040 when Shell is ready to shift to Tesla cars he and most of today’s top billionaires will be senile or dead.

Author: Phil Butler