Rabid Squirrels are Terrorizing Florida
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Rabid Squirrels are Terrorizing Florida


ORLANDO, FLORIDA – May 28, 2018

Aggressive squirrels are jumping on and biting visitors at a popular Orlando park. Visitors with children have filed multiple complaints.

The most recent victim was a baby, who was scratched on her back and arm by a squirrel that pounced on her. People often feed wild animals, and this frequently causes them to lose their natural fear of people. Park officials had to post warning signs about the dangerous rodents.

More people have complained about the aggressive squirrels in recent weeks. Similar cases were reported by visitors yesterday. Park employees have begun to instruct people to "not feed the wildlife."

"The squirrels maybe have rabies, or they might have something contagious that we don't want to get, so we should not touch animals that we don't know," said Orange County spokesperson Doreen Overstreet.

All of these problems appear to be due to the actions of irresponsible parents "thinking it's cute to feed this squirrel."

"You are putting children in danger. You are being irresponsible and you are changing the natural way of these animals' lives. It now has no fear of humans, gets very aggressive when he sees anyone with a snack or bag of food. If you think this post is silly, then you obviously don't have kids," remarked Overstreet.

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