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Emancipate, Desegregate, and Get Your SUV Roarin’
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Emancipate, Desegregate, and Get Your SUV Roarin’


Hi everyone and welcome back to our USA Really daily podcasts. This is Jesse Dominick for USA Really, hoping you had a great weekend.

As always, we’re providing you with the most up-to-date, important, and interesting news and opinion pieces from real Americans on real American issues that touch upon all of our lives. We’re going to look at some great pieces today, including an interesting look at America’s current oil and gas boom, the Emancipation Proclamation and segregation issues, and even a possible gay vampire! And, as always, we’ll wrap things up with a quick look at what’s coming for you tomorrow.

Before we jump into the pieces for today, Monday, September 24, let’s take a look at the opinion piece that we published on Saturday.

Have you heard, America has become the world’s largest gas producer again? And it doesn’t look like we’re slowing down. Exxon is projecting to triple its production by 2025. The Bureau of Land Management is set to approve another four oil and gas lease sales in Wyoming, Alaska, Colorado and New Mexico, and there’s more still being offered in Nevada, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, and the eastern states. You know what that all means, right? We’ll be filling up our tanks on the cheap for years and decades to come! Hallelujah! Nothing to complain about there, right? But, well, as usual, there’s another side to this whole festival. Saturday’s piece, “On America’s ‘End All’ Oil & Gas Boom” by Phil Butler makes the case for why it’s not time to bust out the bubbly just yet. For one, those concerned about global warming and the environment in general certainly aren’t thrilled about the prospect of gas guzzlers cruising down the highway uninhibited by gas prices. And what of all the instability the U.S. causes in the world to keep ourselves on the top the gas heap? Who’s counting the souls instead of the dollars? And this boom isn’t just a Trump thing—these plans have been laid well in advance. If you’ve given any thought to gas prices, the environment, or international intrigue, then this piece is for you.

There were a number of news pieces published on Saturday as well that you’re going to want to check out.

The first is sure to surprise no one: “Trump Ridiculed for His Response to Victims of Hurricane Florence.” The title of this one pretty well gives you the gist, but be sure to head over to the article for the details.

Saturday was also the anniversary of a great event in U.S. history: the issuing of the Emancipation Proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln on September 22, 1862. It was then implemented as an executive order on January 1, 1863. Using this as a launching off point, our piece, “’And I Hereby Enjoin Upon the People so Declared to Be Free…’: On the 156th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation,” takes a look at the history of slavery in America, even giving some surprising facts—for example, between 1519 and 1867, only about 3.7% of the total number of slaves went to America, whereas 21.1% went to southeast Brazil, 11.2% to Jamaica, and so on. There’s a whole lot more interesting history, so be sure to check it out.

There’s also the harrowing story of a crazed woman stabbing two adults and three infants at a daycare in Queens on Friday. All of the children are in critical but stable condition. The article gives you the full story, including the woman’s suspected motive in committing this crime.

There’s another disturbing story where a “Brooklyn Teacher Forced Children to Undress on Camera and Drink Their Own Urine.” This is the second time in less than a year that English and Theater Arts teacher Jonathan Deutsch, 34, has been arrested on child porn-related charges. He was arrested on Wednesday and has been denied bail. There’s a lot more, for those who can stomach to read about such people.

Then we’ve got today’s opinion piece, the title of which is sure to catch your eye and grab your ear: “Peter Thiel: Gay Vampire of the New Capitalist Class” by P. D. Corday. Thiel seems to be a man of staggering contradictions. He first became rich as the co-founder of PayPal and later an early investor in Facebook. Despite being a mainstay in Silicon Valley, he’s got right-wing leanings and often supports Republic and Libertarian causes. But then again, despite his right-wing leanings, he’s as gay as a three-dollar bill and vigorously promotes sodomy and “anal” marriage. Then again, he’s got himself a “blood boy,” or maybe several. As he has openly stated in interviews, he hates the belief that all men will die and he is actively trying to stop that inevitability. Solution? Inject yourself with the blood of teenagers! I guess at least he’s not raping them. Anyways, check out Corday’s piece for more on this whackadoo.

Speaking of messed up relations with teenagers, let’s jump into today’s news with a real winner: Indiana school bus driver Joandrea Dehaven McAtee has been letting children drive the bus while other students are still on it. She’s even been caught on camera letting an 11-year-old, 13-year-old, and 17-year-old drive. What a moron. As you can guess, she’s been fired and charged with felony neglect of a dependent.

Now, as we probably know, America was a place of cultural controversies following World War II. While white and black Americans stood side-by-side in the fight against Nazis, they apparently couldn’t sit side-by-side at the local soda fountain. Then comes the U.S. Supreme Court’s historic Brown v. Board of Education decision on May 17, 1954 that desegregated schools. “The Little Rock Nine” was a group of black adolescents enrolled in Little Rock Central High School in 1957. The Southern crowd didn’t welcome the decision of the Supreme Court and the attempts of the NAACP to enroll black children in their local high school, so they started a rally against it with the sole intention of stopping the children from going to the school. Only with the help of the soldiers of 101st Airborne Division, one of the most prominent divisions of the U.S. Army which had fought in Normandy, did the black students manage to make it into the high school. Head on over to “How American Airbornes Saved Black Students from the Crowd - September 24, 1957, Arkansas” for the full scoop on this interesting page in American history.

Then we’ve got a look at “Who Is Going to Win the Stanley Cup in the Upcoming Season?” With less than ten days until hockey season begins, the sports analysts of the USA Really try to predict who will win the Cup. Though it’s just too early to say any particular team will win hockey’s most prestigious trophy, we can feature the teams most likely to lead the competition. Who are favorites to win in the 102nd season of the National Hockey League? Check out this piece to learn more.

We told you earlier about the awful couple in California, Dr. Grant Robicheaux, and his girlfriend, Cerissa Riley who were arrested for a series of rapes. Though they were originally cuffed for a case involving two women, police then found more than a thousand videos of a sexual nature on their phones, and have now identified more than twelve “credible potential victims.” There’s also a newly-emerged allegation that Robicheaux assaulted a woman 20 years ago when Robicheaux was only 18. The two have been released on bail and are denying all charges, of course. Make sure to check out “Famous California Surgeon Found Girls Through Tinder and Raped Them” for the rest of the latest news on these wonderful people.

There’s the USA Really scoop for today. Before we sign off, we want to give you, as always, a preview of our opinion piece that you’ll find on our site tomorrow, which is actually the first in a new series on the upcoming midterm elections around the nation.

“The Coming Midterm Elections: Vermont and an Early Analysis” By Luis Lázaro Tijerina brings you the story of the people of Vermont who are divided when it comes to the electoral process—which is actually an historical feature of Vermont, dating back to its colonial days. In order to understand the election interests of the people of Vermont, it is necessary to know the various cultural, social and economic interests of the various peoples who live in Vermont. In this piece, Tijerina jumps head first into all of this—looking at taxes, the middle class, the upper class, the politically correct elite of Burlington and their darling Bernie Sanders. There’s a lot going on in Vermont. But what does it all mean for the upcoming elections? It’s pretty fascinating when it’s all broken down. Be sure to check out this piece and get an inside look at the Vermont voter.

So with that, we’re going to wrap things up for today’s podcast. For USA Really, I’m Jesse Dominick saying thanks for listening and thanks for reading, and stay tuned to USA Really for news and stories for your hearts and minds.

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