The Show Must Go On
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The Show Must Go On


YALE – September 25, 2018

“The Show must go on,” as Freddie Mercury used to sing. He's right. These are the rules of the game. You can't stop the show for a minute, because the audience will relax, lose attention and lose interest in the play, and there's no way to bring them back later. Especially when it comes to theater of the absurd. There is no logic, no thought, no plot, but there are feelings, desires and moods. Only emotion can tie together what could otherwise never be bound. These emotions should be supported and, preferably, strengthened. Otherwise, it won't work. The new reality show entitled the "Kavanaugh hearings" is holding this line. First, there was a shock.... then the liberals realized they could lose, then they realized they could lose everything. And then the real show started. There were separate, apparently unrelated events, and the cries of the crowd. Then LGBT activists, stars, and various media figures jointed the action. Ideas were picked up by the masses. Protests began. Immediately politicians went into action. At the same time, everyone understands perfectly well that liberals have no legal chance to prevent the appointment of Kavanaugh, but they will still do everything possible to prevent it. Such small things as the Law, the opinion of the majority of the population, Justice, Ethics, etc. never mattered for liberals. For them, these are only tools of influence, instruments for promoting their interests. Indeed, look at the moral character of Kavanaugh's accusers. Do these people have the right to even talk about the norms of morality? Have they ever respected them themselves? It is not important for them whether or not they are acting hypocritically. These are arguments of logic, and logic is something they really don't need. They need a show, they need emotion... and what gives the strongest emotions? You’re right: sex and children. Therefore, when the senate race began to reach the finish line, a psychologist with a bad conscience, but a very good memory appeared on stage. She recalled a sexual assault that allegedly took place 35 years ago and, through an ultimatum, demanded the FBI  investigate, and that the Senate give her a podium with unlimited time for an opening speech. We have already discussed the absurdity of the situation and her ultimatum. However, this tried and tested trump card resulted in a weak hand.  Apparently, not all brains are totally disconnected when the word “sexual assault” are pronounced. Some people are still able to think logically. Then, another 53-year-old woman appears on the stage, who at the age of 18, being in a drunken stupor, saw Kavanaugh's penis and has apparently been unable to forget it. The New Yorker was unable to find a single witness to corroborate the story being made by the accuser.  None.  Not a single confirming witness to back up the claim. They write:

…”The New Yorker has not confirmed with other eyewitnesses that Kavanaugh was present at the party.”…

Moreover, the accuser did give the New Yorker six names to support her claim.  There were six witnesses Deborah Ramirez stated could substantiate her accusation.  And when the New Yorker interviewed them, ALL SIX said it never happened.

The New Yorker found ZERO people who can validate the claim.

The six witnesses the accuser says will back up her claim all deny any knowledge of the claim; yet the New Yorker still runs the article.

Absurd?  Certainly. But this is a show, and it must go on. And here is a new sequel, now with the participation of children. Children always incite powerful emotions. Now, Yale Law School students are protesting the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court and demanding an investigation of sexual misconduct allegations against him.

Dozens of students wearing black staged a sit-in at the law school Monday. Yale officials canceled classes to accommodate the demonstration. Some Yale students traveled to Washington to protest the nomination.

Think about it. They are Yale Law School students. Lawyers. Sort of… at an elite school… But they had no questions about the legality of the statements. They are not interested in the Law, they are not interested in the statute of limitations, they are not interested in the lack of any evidence. What is really important for them is the orders of their bosses, and they are ready to fulfill this order at any cost. Such lawyers are necessary for liberals. They do not need “evidence". They need emotions that will help justify any crime. Children and offended women are best suited for this purpose.

Author: USA Really