Man Brutally Attacks Couple in Williamsburg While Shouting Homophobic Slurs
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Man Brutally Attacks Couple in Williamsburg While Shouting Homophobic Slurs

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WILLIAMSBURG, NEW YORK CITY — September 25, 2018

There are still people in the US who clearly don't approve of same-sex couples, especially when it comes to men. Whereas women actively defend their rights, support non-traditional values, give birth to children outside of marriage — and many men refuse to support same-sex marriages among men.

One representative of this group decided to take action. In Brooklyn, a man severely beat a gay couple who made sexual gestures at him on the street in the center of Williamsburg.

Now the police are looking for the man, who allegedly made anti-gay statements before attacking the two men who had just left a bar in Brooklyn over the weekend, leaving both of them unconscious and with broken bones.

The man shouted homophobic remarks, and then attacked the couple, authorities say.

The police say the suspect walked up to the men, ages 29 and 34, outside Metropolitan in Williamsburg around 1 a.m. Sunday and started yelling slurs.

He punched a 34-year-old man in the face and the victim blacked out. Then he grabbed the 29-year-old man and threw him against a tree, also leaving him unconscious. The suspect then ran off; it's not clear if he knew the men prior to the incident.

One of the victims was treated at the hospital for a broken finger; the other man was taken to a hospital with a fractured shoulder.

An eyewitness took a picture of the man police think is responsible for the attack.

"We need for people to take action," neighbor Aidan Pongrice said. "Not just to find and arrest this one person, we need people to take action to go out and vote and make sure that we don't have people and leaders in this country that actively dog whistle against my very existence."

NYPD urge anyone with information in regard to this incident to call Police Crime Stoppers Hotline.

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