Pensacola Man Who Stole 10 Cartons of Cigarettes Gets 20-year Sentence
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Pensacola Man Who Stole 10 Cartons of Cigarettes Gets 20-year Sentence

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PENSACOLA, FLORIDA — September 25, 2018

Not everyone is able to comfortably exist in modern society. Some people choose the path of a criminal because they simply cannot support themselves following the law. For example, a Pensacola man who stole $600 worth of cigarettes from a convenience store was sentenced Friday to 20 years in state prison.

According to the local police, in December last year, he stole 10 blocks of cigarettes, breaking into one of the stores Pensacola. As it later turned out, the man was repeatedly brought to trial earlier. He previously committed at least 14 crimes, for which he received a total of 31 charges. That's why the court has rightly considered the man a repeat offender and has given him such a severe sentence.

Robert Spellman, 48, admitted his guilt and, apparently, was ready for such a turn of events. The officers investigating this crime claim that the man didn't hide much. He was found at his own house while having dinner. Spellman told the police he went into the Circle K in the 200 blocks of West Cervantes Street and took 10 cartons of cigarettes from a locked manager's office in the stock room. The total value of the stolen goods did not exceed $600.

Last Friday, September 21, an Escambia County jury in August convicted Spellman of burglary and grand theft for the December 28 incident.

He was sentenced by Judge Jan Shackelford. What Spellman plans to do in 20 years,when he is released, he didn’t specify.

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