Texas Man Arrested for Rubbing Woman's Back
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Texas Man Arrested for Rubbing Woman's Back

Davidson County Jail

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — September 25, 2018

Another man arrested for inappropriately touching a woman. This time it was a 30-year-old Texas man.  He was arrested for rubbing the back of a woman he was on a plane with on a Southwest flight to Nashville, Tennessee.

The Tennessean reports 30-year-old Alfredo Vela IV is charged with sexual battery. According to arrest affidavit the woman didn't know Vela and briefly spoke to him before falling asleep on the flight Sunday evening.

She reported she later woke up to Vela rubbing her back with his hand. The affidavit continues she told police he touched her inner thigh, breast, and tried to put his hand up her shirt.

Did he touch her inner thigh and breast before she woke up or after? If before, how did she know about it? Maybe someone else saw him put his hand up her shirt? Did he just leave his fingerprints on her?

Nevertheless, Vela was arrested shortly after he arrived in Nashville. Police say Vela admitted to the crime of scratching a woman's back, but declined to continue talking with officers after his arrest.

Vela was booked into the Davidson County Jail. Jail records show he posted a $5,000 bond early Monday morning. We are waiting on developments.

Author: Usa Really