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Bananas and Blow, the End of the World, and the Continuing Adventures of President Trump
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Bananas and Blow, the End of the World, and the Continuing Adventures of President Trump


Hello everyone, and thanks for joining us for our USA Really daily podcast for September 25. This is Jesse Dominick for USA Really, bringing you the lowdown on the pieces we’re publishing today.

As always, we’re providing you with the most up-to-date, important, and interesting news and opinion pieces from real Americans on real American issues that touch upon all of our lives. Today we’re going to look at pieces hitting on cocaine smuggling, the continuing attack on Alex Jones, bloggers gone wild, and President Trump’s struggles against the deep state, witches, and even the Zuck.

As usual, we’ve got a few pieces from yesterday to check out before diving into today’s latest news and opinions.

“Sometimes, life gives you lemons. Sometimes, it gives you bananas. And sometimes, it gives you something you'd never expect!” That’s how the Texas Department of Criminal Justice announced on Twitter the unique delivery it received on Friday—$17,820,000 worth of cocaine hidden amongst 45 boxes of bananas addressed to Scott Tye Prison. I sure hope the department doesn’t “blow” all the proceeds! And no, I checked, this isn’t George Jung’s prison—he actually got out in 2014.

Maybe we should check if the coke was paid for via PayPal. The company has now terminated its agreement with Alex Jones’ InfoWars, but “still offers its services to all kinds of unsavory groups and organizations, including groups linked to Palestinian terrorists and extremists like Louis Farrakhan.” Hot on the heels of InfoWars being yoinked from Facebook and YouTube, PayPal has now taken aim. Apparently InfoWars is a purveyor of hate, but terrorists are just fine. And guess how many examples of this hatred they provided? Yup, you guessed it. Check out the full scoop on this latest attack on Jones at “Why Has PayPal Suspended InfoWars Accounts?”

That’ll do it for yesterday, so let’s get going with today’s hot topics. First there are today’s opinion pieces.

The Coming Midterm Elections: Vermont and an Early Analysis” by Luis Lázaro Tijerina brings you the story of the people of Vermont who are divided when it comes to the electoral process—which is actually an historical feature of Vermont, dating back to its colonial days. In order to understand the election interests of the people of Vermont, it is necessary to know the various cultural, social and economic interests of the various peoples who live in Vermont. In this piece, Tijerina jumps head first into all of this—looking at taxes, the middle class, the upper class, the politically correct elite of Burlington and their darling Bernie Sanders. There’s a lot going on in Vermont. But what does it all mean for the upcoming elections? It’s pretty fascinating when it’s all broken down. Be sure to check out this piece and get an inside look at the Vermont voter.

Then, “Delving Into Trump’s Immigration Policy: The Real State of Affairs,” does just that. Christine Petrova opens the piece saying, “The vast majority of Americans will never forget Trump’s cruel separation of families at the border between May and June, neither will they forgive him for the very fact he is not a politician but a businessman.” 2,342 children from Central America were removed from their families at the U.S. border and placed in government facilities between May 5 and June 9, according to the Trump administration. The protests throughout the U.S. and even beyond its borders have sufficiently expressed people’s feelings toward the situation: images of groups of children held behind chain-link fences stunned America and drew comparisons with Nazi Germany and Japanese-American internment camps. However, as Petrova writes, “everyone forgets about one important thing: those who tried to cross the border were aware of the consequences of their actions.” “Trump’s ‘Put America First’ program following economic nationalism and seeking to protect American workers and industries has reversed decades of U.S. immigration policy that called for countries to “Send me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free.” “A new vision” in action. There’s a lot more to discuss here, and Christine Petrova has all the details for you.

Today’s news opens up with the piece, “Violent Rapist Given ‘Pass’ by Alaskan Court,” which tells you about a real charmer. Justin Schneider, 34, kidnapped a young woman from a gas station, strangled her until she lost consciousness, then proceeded to masturbate on her. And the best part—our hero’s not going to do any time in jail. There’s a lot more to this story, so be sure to check it out.

Our next piece is some wild stuff. “A New Wave of Women’s Magic Against Donald Trump” brings you the history of a movement I’d never heard of: the Women's International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell, W.I.T.C.H., which was born on Halloween 1968 in New York with a march against Wall Street. Blending the then-radical demands of the burgeoning women’s liberation movement with the iconography of witches, W.I.T.C.H. was provocative, fun, and, as founding member Robin Morgan writes, “unhierarchal [sic] to the point of anarchy.” The group, or ideology, evolved over the years, and now it seems to be back better than ever, specifically taking on everyone’s beloved President Trump. The best part is when they tried to mentally convince him to give up running for president. “It is possible he may announce during the debate itself that he’s quitting. But whatever happens, he will quit no more than 24 hours later,” one leader said. This piece also brings in some juicy Hillary, Jay-Z and Beyonce action, so definitely don’t miss out on this one.

From pop stars to technology billionaires: Apparently Silicon Valley’s crème de la crème are busy getting ready for the coming apocalypse. The New Yorker reported that dinner party conversations in Silicon Valley are now dominated by talks of society crumbling amid nuclear war and the steps the billionaire elites are taking to save themselves from the fallout, including buying $3 million apartments from the Survival Condo Project which specializes in luxury doomsday properties. Even our good gay vampire pal Peter Thiel has obtained New Zealand citizenship for the sole purpose of building a safe haven there. If you read the Bible, you know an apocalypse will come, but I’m not sure these are the people who are called to prophecy about it.

Oh, wait—you want more Trump? Alright: “Trump VS the Deep State: Things Are Heating Up.” The Deep state has suddenly realized that they are on the eve of a complete defeat. What previously seemed to them an easy stroll has suddenly turned into an unsolvable problem. They have suffered defeat after defeat, losing one bastion after another. Meanwhile, Trump’s foreign and internal policy is stable and for the most part successful. His ultimate goal is expressed honestly and directly—to “make America great again.”  Based on the logic of current events and Trump’s personality, a tough fight is inevitable. One author argues that Trump has decided to go to bat for America and utterly destroy the anti-American deep state crime ring that has been working for years to destroy this nation and end its national sovereignty. This will be Trump’s legacy. This piece wades through the swamp and breaks it all down for you.

The Bill of Rights is a glorious accomplishment making America a unique nation. We all love our freedom of speech, and the rest. This wonder of the modern world was approved by Congress on this day in 1789. However, many feel that in the long years since then, those freedoms have been gradually eroded, and especially our beloved freedom of speech. Plenty of media, including USA Really are being indiscriminately pulled from various platforms. Against this background, this piece takes you through the ten amendments of the Bill of Rights.

And hey, what happened to “innocent until proven guilty?” In America’s current atmosphere, any woman has to be believed when she accuses someone of a sexual crime, and if you dare ask for evidence, you must be a misogynist rape-supporter! It makes for great ratings and exciting reading, even if it’s totally lacking in any sense of logic and morality—but then again, the Left isn’t exactly known for those things. And now, surprise surprise, a bunch of wanna-be activist college students are getting into the mix. Give a look at the “The Show Must Go On” for the whole story.

Then there’s a piece on a “mommy blogger” turned bad. “’Mommy Blogger’ Kills Her Child” has that sordid tale for you.

Police are looking for a man who attacked a gay couple in Williamsburg, New York City early Sunday morning. Supposedly the couple made sexual gestures at the man, and he went on the attack, while shouting homophobic slurs. Cops have a picture of the suspected thug. Let’s hope they can catch him and that he receives the proper punishment.

Finally for today, let’s fit in another Trump piece. Why not? He’s accused Google, Facebook, and Twitter of aiding in the sharing of fake news, and if Washington rumors be believed, he just might be gearing up for an attack on the social network and search giants. The rumored executive order would only be in the draft stage at this point, so we’ll see where all this leads. But we well know by now that Trump isn’t afraid to jump head first into a spat. “Trump Prepares Attack on Facebook” has the story for  you.

Alright folks, that’s what we’re laying down for you today. This is Jesse Dominick for USA Really saying thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and stay tuned to USA Really for news and stories for your hearts and minds.

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