Long Island Man Accused of Torturing His Dog
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Long Island Man Accused of Torturing His Dog

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VALLEY STREAM, LONG ISLAND — September 26, 2018

A Valley Stream maintenance department employee is accused of animal cruelty after an incident with repeated overworking, torturing and injuring animals as well as failure to provide sustenance.

James Rosenbaum, 30, was arrested Monday after his one-year old dog was found exhausted, hungry, and barely able to walk or raise his head.

Officials said a woman saw a dirty, emaciated dog all alone in the middle of Cedar Street. The woman caught the dog and took him to the animal shelter.

As it turned out later, the dog escaped from the man when he went outside. The dog slipped past him and ran into the Park.

The terrier mix,  renamed Cedar after the street where he was found, weighed only 23 pounds at the time, which is approximately 20 pounds underweight. He also suffered from bald patches, overgrown nails, and leg deformities.

"Studies have repeatedly shown that animal cruelty is a gateway crime to further violence, and we are committed to aggressively prosecuting these cases to better protect the animals and the people of Nassau County," Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas said.

Veterinarians didn't rule out that the dog would have died if she was with Rosenbaum even a few more days. After examining the animal, they noted that the former owner had left his pet 'half-dead.'

As for the owner, Rosenbaum will have to prove his innocence in court. Rosenbaum's bail has been set at $750 bond and he is due back in court Wednesday. If he is convicted, he faces a maximum of one year in jail.

Cedar has since been adopted by a family.

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