Bigots and Politicians for Jesus
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Bigots and Politicians for Jesus


Can’t believe they didn’t kick the snot outta him!

One thing about being Jewish is that we don’t believe in missionaries, to each his own and let G-d deal with the sinners in the end. I was recently watching one of those online clips that just appear for your immediate consumption, like how so much of what is on the internet has become click bait news nowadays.

It soon confirmed that there are so many more like the American guy depicted standing up for Jesus with hate and violence, in the next recommended video and it shows that such people must naturally be Trump supporters.

The posting was entitled, Racist American missionary brutally attacks a Ugandan hotel clerk. My first impression was shock then I started wondering “if such stupidity could be stage for stupid people, and with a not-so-hidden agenda?” 

I will leave the answer to that to the eye of the beholder and his or her political views, or other orientations, right left, or places in-between. The video catches some dumb white “alleged” missionary using the N-word and other colorful language. He was obviously trying to show off a small mind in expressing itself, and punching a hotel worker in the face in the name of Jesus.

It would have been justified for the hotel workers to kick the snot out him and then having the police came and haul him off to jail — for his hate and physical abuse. However, that was not the case and the black men showed who were better and truer to their own values.

The point is that many bigoted people who hold the same views can express themselves with more class, let’s call them “Church Goers.”  But the result is the same. Just take our wonderful political leadership and born-again population. I know from personal experience what Jesus loves can do to a person and his family — self-reflection,

As for the American and his performance, it was good in follow up with a google search. He was subsequently arrested, and hopefully he will be tossed from Uganda. But does this lesson reveal something larger and more sinister?

 It is not just a hate crime in action but represents the following of people who want to use such deeds for political ends, associating him with Trump supporters — casting them in the same company.

Perhaps this could be true. I have written extensively in recent weeks about those who use country and religion as the wrap of their patriotism and egos, very common among politicians and religious leaders, especially those that like to mix the two: Mike Pence and Nick Romney immediately come to mind.

But God and/or Jesus and even the Holy Ghost must have a BIGGER plan, and at least a joined up sense of humor for [those] … the two listed above, who are good at mixing religion and politics.  

I say: let them all burn – and using religion to get votes should be a disqualification for public office.

I always like the part in Mark Twain’s analogy to religion, when Huck Finn describes how the hogs sleeping on the hardwood floor on hot days got “more good” from the Church than Sunday worshippers.  He was more than just satirizing religion but reflecting on how some folks practice religion.

… and there wasn’t anybody at the church, except maybe a hog or two, for there wasn’t any lock on the door, and hogs likes a puncheon floor in summer-time because it’s cool. If you notice, most folks don’t go to church only when they’ve got to.

 One sided coverage

I am still “reeling” over the one-sided coverage of now deceased John McCain, who I am more convinced than ever he was a cheerleader and material supporter of international terrorism and a traitor to American values. He was one to use God and country for the wrong reasons too.

As one Armenian friend wrote me, "I had read about McCain's not-so-stellar personal life, but I had forgotten or had not realized his immediate hand in the 2008 Georgian Russian conflict. In Armenian we say of the dead, "Blessed be the memory of the just". We leave out what to do with the memory of the unjust, evidently."

He added, I've read your recent article, and I perfectly agree with what you have written. I will never forget the photo of that drifting mind of an individual together with ISIS chiefs (see photo in link).

With midterms and the presidential elections coming ever closer, we should be mindful of those with political savvy wanting to take advantage of inherent stupidity, apathy, and the growing bigotry of many Americans.

It is not the alternative media and splinter groups that we should be most mindful of but the overall mindset of Americans that has evolved in recent years. Much of the blame can be attributed to the influence of media, religion, and what may be summed up as popular culture, and/or – just being politically correct.

Just to watch the US news has me crazy.  Now I just don't even want to watch it, other than to get a grasp of how bad it is; it is not news.  They are just gossiping and finger pointing, recriminations on top of recriminations, and pundits trying to out do one another.

I was trying to catch up with what I had missed, since returning to my homeland, the USA, in the middle of July. I soon concluded that I had missed nothing. News and the “outrage-of-the-day” is mostly manipulated and carefully scripted. 

It is all a BIG joke a VERY BIG joke. Recently I was interviewed by a NYTs journalist he was trying to put words in my mouth and question my loyalty as a native born American, writing for a publication that has Russian funding.

He did not like it when I told him that one of the main reasons that I agreed to write for USA Really was that it was receiving so much heat.  It was the subject of so many hit articles from people I know only too well, as some of the same had written nasty things attacking me too.

I told too that is why I suspect it was part of the reason I was detained at the airport back in July and my paperwork, bags and phone searched over a period of two hours, and how Homeland Security Agents were waiting for me right off the airplane at the Dullas International Airport in Washington DC.

I was writing for USA Really out of principle and not for money, and what little money that I got was not enough to brag about. He told me that was nothing, and how I should consider the damage it was doing to my reputation.

And that likely I would not have such problems, like at the airport, if I would distance myself from such Russian propaganda. It was as if he has his own conclusion, and the purpose of this site is to spread discord among the American people.

I responded by say, “well don't we have the mainstream media in the US for that purpose.” I am somewhat sarcastic, and asked, and what news is not to some degree propaganda, especially the mainstream media, and has he not watched Fox or CNN lately, and they did not come close to any semblance of neutrality/objectivity.

Even foreign news outlets in third world countries are are a higher level than much of what Americans are now watching. In conclusion, all the best and hurrah for Donald Trump (who's doing very well on Turkey), and that is not being reported in the news, as that is news. He is perhaps of the first to have the guts to call the MSM out on being fake — and with a not-so-hidden agenda.

Author: Jeffrey Silverman