Feminists Are Fighting the Country's First 'Robot Sex Brothels'
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Feminists Are Fighting the Country's First 'Robot Sex Brothels'


TEXAS — September 26, 2018

A new trend in sex with a doll robot is rapidly spreading across the United States. KinkySdollS, a nonprofit organization in Toronto, opened its first location, where $60 buys a half-hour alone with a robot sex doll.

The company didn't stop there and is now opening the first so-called "robot sex brothel" in the U.S. slated to open in the Houston area this month.

Yuval Gavriel, the founder of KinkySdollS, made the announcement during an interview with the Examiner last week, telling the paper he plans to expand to 10 locations throughout the United States by 2020.

This report has prompted a massive backlash from residents and activists who say it will ruin the neighborhood. Elijah Rising, a Houston-based non-profit organization aimed at ending sex trafficking, declared war on Gavriel and opened a petition titled "Keep Robot Brothels Out Of Houston." The organization has had more than 6,500 signatures as of early Tuesday morning.

"As a nonprofit whose mission is to end sex trafficking we have seen the progression as sex buyers go from pornography to strip clubs to purchasing sex -- robot brothels will ultimately harm men, their understanding of healthy sexuality, and increase the demand for the prostitution and sexual exploitation of women and children," the petition states.

The organization plans to present the petition to the city’s mayor.

"We don’t blame or judge anyone for acknowledging this theory. Robot brothels are subject of debate among activists, robot ethics researchers, and lawmakers," said an organization report.

A lot of residents' are also expressing their opposition to the brothel, which Gavriel described as a 'showroom' where customers can test and rent dolls before deciding to purchase one.

"There're kids around here and it's a family-oriented neighborhood and I live right here and to have that here is just gross," Andrea Paul said. "We will complain."

City officials  said they have not heard of the business, and a spokesperson with the City of Houston's Public Works said they do not have an address for where it will be located.

The business doesn't meet the definition of a sexually oriented business and requires simply an occupancy permit.

Despite concerns, there are no regulations for the sex robot business, the Examiner reported. Activists and legal experts call on legislative action.

"I can buy two or three or four of these on the Internet and in Washington, D.C., or New York, or anywhere I want, I can set them up and charge people $100 an hour to use them," John Banzhaf, a law professor at George Washington University, told the Examiner.

In June, Congress voted to ban the importation and transportation of sex robots and dolls that look like children. The bill was founded on the notion that child-like sex dolls do not deter abusers from harming children. These dolls normalize the acts of pedophilia and legitimize the urge to sexualize children.

"The dolls and robots are intrinsically related to abuse of minors, and they cause the exploitation, objectification, abuse, and rape of minors," explained Congress representatives.

"Robot brothels will not stop men from purchasing humans for sex. It will just create an expansion of the already dehumanized act of sex buying. Sex robots will not decrease sex trafficking in Houston, it will only train more men to become sex buyers," the first paragraph states.

Organization representatives are afraid that men will buy similar dolls and other toys for sex. Perhaps the dolls are a threat to feminists or women already in short supply of men?

The second paragraph deals with women's rights and violence against women.

"As long as we further reduce the female body as an object for masturbation free from the “inconvenience” of consent, women will not be seen as equals," said one paragraph.

The third point related to religious questions: "This is the church's problem too,” an interesting  point given that the church has been rocked by scandal after scandal connected with rape and child molestation,

"The rise in pornography use among Christians is staggering, and it leads to the hidden issue of abuse within our congregations. If we stand idly by as Houston is named the first in the nation to receive one of these robot brothels, what will we tolerate next? The issues in the realm of hypersexual culture are not so far removed from what God is calling us to stand for," the document continues.

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