Woman Hid Her Mother's Corpse to Watch the Stages of Death
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Woman Hid Her Mother's Corpse to Watch the Stages of Death


NORTH CAROLINA — September 26, 2018

Police arrested a 69-year-old North Carolina resident for failure to report her mother's death, allegedly because she wanted to see the stages of decomposition firsthand.

Donna Sue Hudgins went to a funeral home to order a memorial service for her mother. She reported that her mother died that morning, but that she did not know where EMS had taken the body. Funeral employees seemed suspicious that she didn't know where the ambulance took the body of 93-year-old Nellie Mae Hudgins.

The company then contacted the Enfield Police Department. Chief Tyree Davis, Officer Jerry Shoemaker and Detective Teo Antunez Jr. went to the mother’s residence and was able to make contact with Donna Hudgins who also resides at that address. After speaking with the daughter, officers entered the residence to do a welfare check and discovered a badly decomposed body in the home.

Detective Willie Murphy Jr. and Detective Teo Antunez Jr. led the investigation which revealed that the corpse had been in the house for several months. Hudgins admitted to the detectives that she hadn't reported the death, because it was "interesting to see the stages of death."

After consulting with Halifax County Assistant District Attorney, charges were filed against Donna Hudgins for concealing the death. Hudgins was arrested with bail set at $5,000. The hearing is scheduled for November 7.

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