Turning Students Into Stupid Consumers: Teachers Abide, or Be fired
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Turning Students Into Stupid Consumers: Teachers Abide, or Be fired


FLORIDA – September 27, 2018

In Florida, teacher claims she was fired for refusing to abide by school's 'no zeros' grading policy.

The process of dulling the minds the younger generation is a global process, and affects all countries nearly without exception, although the US is a real leader in this field. The student's stupefication is a consequence global system of consumerism in which people are consumers at the first place, and only then a human being. Its main task is not spiritual growth, not personal development, but to incorporate values emphasizing those qualities which are necessary to commercial society. Such societies need qualities like easy suggestibility, lack of deep knowledge (a person with superficial knowledge is much easier to manipulate) and exceptional inner (spiritual) emptiness, which will cause unrestrained consumerism, a natural consequence of the complete absence of spiritual, immaterial needs, which a person will try to fill with things or travel. And since it is impossible to fill the spiritual emptiness, the person will be doomed to be dissatisfied and consume, consume, consume, in order to create the illusion of filling their essence.

The less educated a person is, the more his decisions are based on external factors such as advertising. Therefore, the following conclusion might be suggested: A high school graduate should have only a level of knowledge sufficient to understand the advertising of a product, get by in society and know where to buy a particular thing. He does not need any deeper knowledge. Isn't that why in modern schools education is based on instilling in a person the ability to choose from three or four options? Having learned to make a “proper choose,” such a graduate will feel safer in a McDonald's restaurant as in this familiar environment, of the four types of hamburgers, you need to choose one. The student has been well prepared to cope with this task. School has given him all the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities he needs to ensure that he will not make a mistake while choosing a hamburger!

The US school's "no zeros" policy has the same roots. It promotes the cultivation of parasites.

“We have a nation of kids that are expecting to get paid and live their life just for showing up and it’s not real,” Diane Tirado, a Florida teacher who was fired after she refused to honor her school's controversial "no zeros" grading policy, told WFTV.

According WFTV, Diane Tirado, a longtime educator, recently started a new job at West Gate K-8 School in Port St. Lucie, Fla., teaching history to eighth graders. 

Tirado said during the first few weeks of school, she assigned her class an "explorer notebook project,"  but after the two-week deadline expired, several students had still failed to turn in the assignment.

When Tirado consulted administrators about the school's guidelines on missing assignments, she claims she was told to give the students a 50 percent, which is the lowest grade allowed to be given under the school's "no zeros" policy.

After refusing to give students who didn't turn in the assignment half marks, Tirado says she was terminated on Sept. 14 without explanation. 

On her last day of school, the educator wrote a message on her whiteboard, which she later shared on Facebook, to explain to her students why she had been let go.

"Bye, kids. Mrs. Tirado loves you and wishes you the best in life!" she wrote. "I have been fired for refusing to give you a 50% for not handing anything in."

Turning Students Into Stupid Consumers: Teachers Abide, or Be fired

Tirado told WFTV that she took a stand against the school's policy because "we have a nation of kids that are expecting to get paid and live their life just for showing up and it’s not real."

She said she hopes her actions will motivate policy change.

"A grade in Miss Tirado's class is earned," she added.

A new era is coming - the era of the decline of civilization, and the signs of this decline are visible everywehere: in the increasingly deteriorating quality of products, in the deterioration of the quality of health care, quality of education, quality of life and so on. Most manufactured things are no more than"delayed trash," - buying a chair or sofa bed you will use for only a year or two before taking it to the dumb in order to buy a new one which will break even sooner.

To continue the consumption of "delayed garbage" it is necessary to stupefy our kids, to prepare them to silently consume garbage and not ask any questions.

Author: USA Really