Laughed Off the Planet: Trump Disgraces U.S. at the UN
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Laughed Off the Planet: Trump Disgraces U.S. at the UN


HUSTON – September 27, 2018

The American Empire, like its British predecessor, once had the brilliant ability to instill in others a bizarre mixture of fear, respect, envy and adoration. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of this skill for a world hegemon, and it is the key to maintaining hegemony.

However, any Empire in the era of its decline persists for some time doped up on chauvinism, and continues to mobilize against an outside world which looks up no longer in awe and envy, but with hatred.

But what no Empire can endure — is laughter, especially scornful laughter.

In order to kill an Empire, it must first be properly mocked. Laughter strips the final pretense of wearing royal cloth: The Emperor has no clothes. The speech of U.S. President Donald Trump at the UN General Assembly is a milestone in such a transition from respect/fear to mockery/hatred.

Consider how the General Assembly hall shook with laughter the moment Donald Trump praised his own administration for surpassing the achievements of "almost any" President in U.S. history. The laughter was even briefly interrupted by mocking applause, and then again more laughter filled the hall. That this was mocking laughter, there is no doubt, and the undeniable confirmation of it: Trump-friendly Fox News cut the laughter from their broadcast.

To understand the totality of the scornful atmosphere that reigned in the hall, one only has to see the reaction of the German delegation upon hearing Trump claim that “Germany will become totally dependent on Russian energy.” The looks of sarcastic confusion and, yes, laughter of the German delegation told the whole story.

According to Bloomberg, the reason for America’s new embarrassment is, while previous U.S. presidents involved themselves in the work of the UN to shape the world, Trump, on the contrary, sees the international system as an instrument by which the world restrains America.

It is obvious that his position is perceived by many in America as defeatist and very dangerous, because it involves the maximum destruction of the very system of international organizations and international law which the American elite worked to create for over 70 years.

To be fair, it should be noted (and Bloomberg also notices) that Trump, at least at the declarative level,  still supports a harmonious anti-globalist ideology. Speaking before the UN General Assembly, he spoke about the need to "respect the right” of every nation present in this hall to follow its own habits, beliefs and traditions.

However, the difference between the noble principles of the anti-globalist Trump and the real actions of his administration is too great not to notice. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why the world laughed at him. The Emperor was not only naked, but a naked dependent on the "deep state" he solemnly promised to dismantle. This does not mean Trump will never have the opportunity to implement a truly independent policy, nor that he is unable to "make America great again." He will have more chances to try. But it will be impossible to regain the lost authority over and respect of his opponents and, more crucially, his allies.

Trump at the UN-- such fairy tales have no happy ending. That's why members of U.S. delegation are sad: Pax Americana is riding off into the sunset under the friendly laughter of diplomats and politicians from around the world.

Author: USA Really