Media Covers Up Horrific Somali Riot in Minnesota Just Before Midterms
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Media Covers Up Horrific Somali Riot in Minnesota Just Before Midterms



On Saturday September 22, 2018, opening night for the Valleyfair amusement park's seasonal Halloween celebration, turned into a total chaos. Police and emergency responders had to evacuate all guests due to numerous fights after a mob of Somali teenagers and men rushed through security and caused several violent fights to break out inside the park. The media and police prefer to gloss over the details of the incidents arguing that they “don’t want to offend the Muslim Somali population or influence the upcoming election.”

Valleyfair spokeswoman Kelsey Bailey said that “incidents” required assistance from police and were “quickly addressed.”

What ValleyFair failed to mention in their tweet is that the fights were so violent that Shakopee police officers had to evacuate the entire park which was full of children.

As several violent fights broke out, guests began to panic.

Shakopee Police Department said “the number of individuals running throughout the park increased substantially and was difficult to control,” and “due to the large number of altercations” they decided to evacuate Valleyfair.

Megan Brennhofer was at the park for a friend’s bachelorette party when the incident occurred.

“We were in line at the chateau (...) and all of a sudden they cut the music and the security people were running around and they were shoving people out of the buildings,” she said.

About five to 10 minutes later, security guards said the entire park was closed and they had to leave. She said they noticed security guards carrying orange objects that resembled rifles and medics carrying large bags of equipment. When they exited the park they were told that multiple fights had broken out.

In the video, a woman who was evacuated and filming from inside her car can be heard saying, “Oh my god! We are never going to make it out of here.”

No Somalis Involved

According to eyewitnesses who were at the park that night to celebrate Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, “a group of nearly 100 Somali men mob rushed past security and amusement park staffers at the front entrance and proceeded to run through the park and instigate fights among themselves and with guests.”

Cliff Hallberg, who was inside the park with his children at the time the fights broke out said it was very frightening for his children. “I saw about 60 Somali teenagers push their way through lines and scream at guests.”

“This looked like a targeted attack on law enforcement,” Hallberg added.

A Facebook post by one of the ValleyFair attendees noted,

“Just left ValleyFair. Several Somalians fighting, knocking over Halloween props, knocking people over Halloween props, knocking people over terrorizing young children. ValleyFair shut down. Somalians pushing kids over. Running from police in the parking lot in circles. I stood in front of about 15 lost and terrified young children until their parents could find them.”


The Shakopee Police Department, though, denied that any Somalis had been involved in the incident.

“No it wasn’t a Somalian riot,” it responded directly on its Facebook page to those who claimed that the violence was prompted by “Somali gangs”. The department went on to say, “We had no evidence whatsoever that there was any specific gang affiliation with this incident.”

No Victims

“There have been no reported injuries or property from (Saturday’s) incident,” the Shakopee Police Department reported.

Scanner traffic indicated it was a chaotic night, with multiple departments responding, including a helicopter, and Savage, Edina, Eagan, Bloomington, Apple Valley and Burnsville police and Highway 101 closed off and a helicopter lighting up the parking lot amid reports of stampeding crowds spilling out to the surrounding area.

However, when the dust cleared, there were no reported injuries and only three people were cited for minor offenses.

No Knifes

“There have been some comments about a knife being used in a fight, but at this time we have no evidence of any weapons being used in these altercations,” the Shakopee Police Department added.

Adding to the frightening scene were reports of a knife being used in a fight, but police say they have no evidence of weapons being used.

Some people think otherwise…

No Incident?

The spokesperson for the park never disclosed that a police K-9 unit was called to the scene, ambulances and firetrucks responded, and a police helicopter was ordered to fly above the park as people were being evacuated, all of which was caught on video.

After guests were evacuated, ValleyFair park remained closed for the rest of the night, something the amusement park failed to mention when they referred to the violent fights on Twitter as a “previously mentioned incident”.

According to eyewitnesses and police officers who wish to remain anonymous, they believe the media is covering up the fact that the violent rioters were Somali men because the media and police don’t want to offend the Muslim Somali population or influence the upcoming election that is November 6, 2018.

Officers in Minnesota have said that they are often told to avoid using the word Somali when discussing crimes committed by members of the Somali population because police and local Democrats have asked them to “stand down” in an effort to create positive community relations between Minnesota natives and the continually increasing Muslim Somali “refugee” population.

In the United States, Minnesota is the state with the largest Somali population.

On Tuesday, it was reported that Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), who is currently embattled in a domestic violence scandal and running for Minnesota Attorney General, is leading an effort to force President Trump to accept and permanently resettle nearly 110,000 more Muslim “refugees” in Minnesota, most of which will be from Somalia.


Peggy Tierney, a Minnesota native, posted on her Facebook about the incident:

“I also have video of the Somali boys in the parking lot. This explains why the media and police are covering it up. They can’t have a negative narrative against the Somali community before midterms when Keith Ellison, Ilhan Omar, Mohamud Noor, and Hodan Hassan are running for office in Minnesota.”

“President Trump’s national security ban is a godsend,” said Pamela Geller, President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), after learning about the incident.

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