The Last Act of “Kavanaugh Show”
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The Last Act of “Kavanaugh Show”


WASHINGTON, DC – September 28, 2018

The “Kavanaugh Show” has reached its apotheosis. The first testimonies of the "victims” of 35 year old “violence" were already heard at the hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Brett Kavanaugh has already started crying.

Frankly speaking, after listening to Christine Blasey Ford's one-hour speech, I had a feeling that she has serious mental health problems: memory loss, inability to answer simple questions without the help of her lawyer. I really wanted to hug the elderly woman and cry.

From the point of view of the Law, the show looks absurd. Sexual harassment charges from adolescence can be brought against almost anyone. Being the subject of such a denunciation, the person immediately becomes a suspect, and has to justify himself. This case will open the way to the most odious blackmailers. And in fact, from the point of Law, it does not matter what happened then. There's a Law, there's a Statute of limitations. Certainly legislators should be familiar with these concepts. I personally believe that Congress should protect the Law against lawlessness. This is its direct responsibility.

But the Congress, or rather its democratic part, has a completely different opinion. They don't care about the Law or their responsibilities. What they do care of that the conservative candidate not to become a member of the Supreme court and not to weaken the position of liberals there. And to accomplish this all strategies are on the table. However, there is no point in repeating what we and others have already stated so many times.

This is the last act of the play in the theater of the absurd. Now the public can see everything: the laughter, tears, pain, support, denial, hatred. Now the authors of this show will try to soften the public, to cause maximum sympathy for the victims and maximum hatred for the alleged assaulted. The directors play on feelings and emotions, proof is not even a part of the script.

By the way, both sides are now playing the same game. We see a tear from Kavanaugh, demonstrations of “Women for Kavanaugh” shirts in support of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh before his testimony addressing sexual assault allegations and so on.

The opposite side, not to lose the initiative, applies countermeasures. What's the best way to kill an emotion? That's right, laughter. And we see a whole wave of jokes on Twitter about Kavanaugh's yelling during his testimony  and demonstrations among his supporters.

There were  a lot of people on Twitter suggested that the protesters are paid actors.

There were various tweets and audio clips in which artists in the form of parodies voiced Kavanaugh, Ford and other participants in the show.

It is going to be a politically turbulent day. We are waiting for developments.

Author: USA Really