Disturbed Hedge Fund Manager Almost Kills Bride-to-be with Sword, Over a Cigarette
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Disturbed Hedge Fund Manager Almost Kills Bride-to-be with Sword, Over a Cigarette


SUSSEX COUNTY, NEW JERSEY — September 28, 2018

The tobacco industry has a new mascot: Carlos Mejia, a 43-year-old hedge fund from New York City, and one cigarette away from murder.  Unable to find a cigarette, the finance technocrat grew so mad he slashed a bride with a sword.

During a wedding at Hardyston’s Grand Cascades Lodge, a guest of the same hotel, Carlos Mejia, believed it to be good time to request a cigarette from the wedding guests. When no one had one, he suddenly screamed obscenities at the group, according to Assistant Prosecutor Gregory Mueller. Then he turned to berate the hotel staff, and then everyone in the hotel’s hallway. Still, no one had or would give up a cigarette to Mr. Mejia.

Mejia returned to his hotel room, but the bridal party went to confront Mr. Mejia. They knocked and yelled through the door. Mejia swung it open with a sword in his hand, according to the police report. He swung the sword at the bridal party and threatened to kill the bride, and slashed her arm.

The melee ended when several other guests forced the sword from Mejia's hands. Mejia was detained until the police arrived. Mejia says he did not want to buy cigarettes, he wanted to save money, he said.

Witnesses later told police they saw him walking around the hotel with the sword before the fight, and an police officer there at the time noted that Mejia appeared to be under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.

The bride, whose name is currently withheld, suffered a non-life-threatening cut on her left arm. Assistant Prosecutor Mueller told NJ Media the prosecutor's office has never seen an incident like this one before.

"It's a really unique case," he said Wednesday.

Mejia has been charged with third-degree aggravated assault with bodily injury, third-degree terroristic threats, third-degree weapon possession, and a disorderly conduct. He was released from jail Tuesday, pending his trial, the police noted.

The investigation is ongoing as the police are still trying to find out exactly what happened that day, whether Mejia was really drunk, where he found the sword. Unless he buys his way off the hook, his punishment will be decided on at the end of the investigation.

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