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Give Me a Cig or Face the Sword! And Kavanaugh Facing Down the Democrat Horde
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Give Me a Cig or Face the Sword! And Kavanaugh Facing Down the Democrat Horde


Hello everyone and welcome to our USA Really daily podcast for September 28. For USA Really, I’m Jesse Dominick, and we’re going to wade through a number of can’t-miss pieces today, including some on Trump at the UN, police brutality, Brett Kavanaugh, a whackjob at a wedding with a sword.

And first we have something really special for you: USA Really’s first ever journalism contest. It’s called the Global Democracy Award and it’s for everyone, but especially for independent journalists, writers, activists, artists, script writers and media-members. All adult citizens (persons or collectives) of the United States can take part in the competition. The competition will be held between 5 nominees. The winner will be determined through a two-tiered transparent system: 50% through USA Really readers (via voting on the site), and 50% by an independent jury.

Details will be available on the site on Monday October 1, so definitely keep an eye out for that.

Now, as usual, we’re going to start with a look at yesterday’s later pieces that came out after the podcast.

Our first piece from last night takes a look at Wednesdays’ final-round match in the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup, America’s oldest soccer championship, between the Houston Dynamo and the Philadelphia Union. The hero of the match was 23-year-old Colombian forward Mauro Manotas who had two goals. This is the first Lamar Hunt for the Houston Dynamo, and their first championship trophy since winning the MLS Cup twice in a row in 2006 and 2007.

Police brutality is certainly a hot topic lately. In hindsight, some of the incidents turn out to have been exaggerated, or justified, while some are just clear examples of unnecessary force and brutality. Whatever the case, the public eye is certainly on the police. Now, Yakima, Washington residents are outraged after a video of police beating a teenager emerged on Facebook. According to the police department, an officer sprayed the young man in the face with pepper spray, then knocked him to the ground, kicking him in the back and beating him, while other police officers yelled “Get on the ground!” The department admitted that the officer had used “force while effecting an arrest,” but offered no other details. The boy’s attorney called the officer’s conduct “abusive and unacceptable,” and noted that the family wants justice. Checkout our piece for the rest of the sad details of this story.

“The American Empire, like its British predecessor, once had the brilliant ability to instill in others a bizarre mixture of fear, respect, envy and adoration. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of this skill for a world hegemon, and it is the key to maintaining hegemony. However, any empire in the era of its decline persists for some time doped up on chauvinism, and continues to mobilize against an outside world which looks up no longer in awe and envy, but with hatred. But what no Empire can endure is laughter, especially scornful laughter.” That’s the opening to our next piece about Trump’s recent performance at the UN, “Laughed Off the Planet: Trump Disgraces U.S. at the UN.” While previous U.S. presidents involved themselves in the work of the UN to shape the world, Trump, on the contrary, sees the international system as an instrument by which the world restrains America. Obviously such polar opposite approaches will have far-reaching consequences, so head on over to this piece for all the details.

And worst father of the year award goes to Cordarius Cotton of Tarrant, Alabama, who put his 5-month-old baby in the tub, turned the water on, then went to play a video game. When he finally remembered about the kid an hour later, it was unresponsive, and later pronounced dead at the hospital. May God have mercy on Cordarius’ soul.

With that, let’s move on over to today’s pieces, hitting things off with our opinion piece, which brings us back to Trump’s UN speech, where he was characteristically confident. “In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country… America’s economy is booming like never before,” he proclaimed. But John Raven isn’t buying it. His piece, “Deciphering Trump at the UN,” takes you on a journey through all the areas affecting American lives and which Trump hit upon in his speech, offering probing questions and necessary correctives. There’s the economy, military spending, the Koreas, a whole lot of Middle East and the Muslim world, and even some talk of Mexico, Germany, and India. Raven believes and argues that the U.S. continually puts forth a double standard, which is why many world governments have ceased to trust the U.S. Be sure to check out this hard-hitting piece.

 And let’s dive right into today’s news pieces.

Just a few days ago we talked about the financial crisis of ten years ago and its continuing effects. And not long ago we wrote how U.S. home sellers were slashing prices at the highest rate in 8 years—now corporate insiders are quietly selling off shares at the fastest rate in 10 years. Executive officers and board members are making moves to liquidate, and fast. Insiders at U.S. companies dumped $5.7 billion in stock this month alone, the highest in any September over the past decade. Why are insiders so quick to cash out now? Do they know something others don’t? Our piece “Record Insider Selloff on Wall St.: Is the Big Bubble Ready to Burst?” has more on that for you.

Winter’s coming, and that means it’s time to get sick. For most people, the flu is nothing more than a few days spent with a runny nose, heavy sneezing, some body aches, chills, and fatigue. After a few days everything calms down and you feel better. But you may not know that the flu can actually turn into a life-threatening condition. 80,000 people in America died of the flu or its complications last winter. That’s insanely high. Check out “At Least 80,000 People Die From Influenza Every Winter in the United States” for more stats and to find out what you can do about it.

Our next piece tells the sad tale of a high school principal who just got sick of one girl and her mother and wound up mocking the girl’s story of being sexually assaulted in the school bathroom and explained to other school officials how she was planning to embarrass the girl. Only, unfortunately for the principal, everything she said was recorded on the girl’s cell phone. Now Principal Aqueelha James is being sued. According to Title IX, schools are required to investigate allegations of sexual violence on campus. This principal and school more than dropped the ball, and high school sexual assault stories are especially poignant now, with the Kavanaugh circus going on.

Speaking of the Supreme Court nominee, another piece, “The Last Act of ‘Kavanaugh Show’” goes over the laughter, the tears, the pain, the support, the denial, and the hatred on display from both sides in this whole debacle.

A riot broke out this past Saturday at an amusement park in Shakopee, Minnesota when about 100 Somali youths burst into the park during its Law Enforcement Appreciate Day celebration and began causing fights among themselves and with others. The scene was so bad that the entire park had to be evacuated. However, the Shakopee Police Department has denied that any Somalis were involved. Eyewitnesses and anonymous police sources believe the media is covering up the fact that the violent rioters were Somali because they won’t want to offend the Muslim Somali population or influence the upcoming election. This is utter crap. Such politically correct nonsense encourages violence. It reminds me of the case where Pakistani Muslims raped 1,400 women over the course of 16 years in Rotherham, England, but police did nothing about it because they were afraid of appearing racist or Islamophobic. The Left’s Islam-loving agenda is directly to blame. Anyways, check out “Media Covers Up Horrific Somali Riot in Minnesota Just Before Midterms” for more on that.

Up next is “Texas Executions 2018: Second Convicted Killer Put to Death This Week.” Daniel Acker, convicted of killing his girlfriend in 2001, was executed in Texas on Thursday morning. He’s the second there in two days, the 10th this year, and the 18th in the U.S. overall this year. At least eight other Texas inmates have planned execution dates in the coming months, as well as two more set for early 2019. The remaining executions this year are in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Nebraska, Ohio and Tennessee. The death penalty is always a hot-button issue. I remember some passionate debates about it in seminary. Does it work as a deterrent, or is it just about justice? Can you support the death penalty but call yourself pro-life? There’s lots of questions surrounding it, and I’m sure we’ll still be arguing about for a long while to come.

Some important stuff went down this day in history. Ed Sullivan, the iconic TV host was born this day in 1901, W.C. Handy put out his “Memphis Blues” in 1912, and race riots in Harriston, Mississippi in 1913 left 10 people dead. Check out the piece for more details on those and other stories.

The six-day search for Maddox Ritch, who went missing at North Carolina’s Rankin Lake Park, ended Thursday with the discovery of a body in a creek, officials said. Little Maddox’s father Ian claims that his son ran away from him while walking with his friends in the park, but that story is being disputed by a park employee who says he sees all the children that come there, but never Maddox Ritch. Check out more of this sad story at “Missing 6-year-old Autistic Boy Found Dead Under Strange Circumstances.”

Two educational facilities in the city of Henderson, Kentucky were on lockdown after a robbery happened nearby. The lockdowns occurred at South Middle School and South Heights Elementary Schools. As local authorities say, the robbery suspects have not been located yet, making the area unsafe for kids, so they were ordered to stay home. “Two Schools in Kentucky Are on Lockdown After Nearby Robbery Attempt” has this story for you, plus a full dose of crime stats from the Bluegrass State.

One bride in Sussex Country, New Jersey just had a wedding night she’ll never forget—her arm got slashed by a sword! It seems a guest of the same hotel where the reception was being held was jonesing for a cigarette. He asked the wedding guests but no one gave him one, and he started flipping out. He returned to his room but the bridal party went to confront him. He opened the door, sword in hand, and cut the new bride’s arm, threatening to kill her. Thankfully, he wasn’t successful, and the man, Carlos Mejia, has been charged with third-degree aggravated assault with bodily injury, third-degree terroristic threats, third-degree weapon possession, and disorderly conduct. Head on over to “Disturbed Hedge Fund Manager Almost Kills Bride-to-be with Sword Over a Cigarette” for that whole sordid tale.

That wraps up today’s piece, so as always, now it’s time for our little preview of what’s coming for you tomorrow.

Apparently, according to a 2017 report, Alabama has the worst poverty in the developed world. That’s what prompted Winston Smith to write his piece, “The Stain That is American Poverty.” America may be generally proud of its billionaires, and New York City may be the wealth capital of the world, but then there’s that whole other side of America, where plenty of people still don’t even have basic sanitation. And there’s this disturbing fact: A many as 12 million Americans could be suffering from neglected tropical diseases in poor parts of the south and Midwest. And Alabama certainly isn’t alone in this, but the Trump administration says only 250,000 are living in extreme poverty in the U.S. Where the heck is such a low number coming from? Be sure to check out Smith’s piece tomorrow for the answer to that question, and a whole lot more.

Alrighty folks, that’ll do it for today. As always, I’m Jesse Dominick for USA Really saying thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and be sure to come on back tomorrow for more of the news you need to know.


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