Police Search for Attacker Who Allegedly Raped Woman on Long Island
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Police Search for Attacker Who Allegedly Raped Woman on Long Island


FREEPORT, LONG ISLAND — October 1, 2018

In fact, neither the police nor the authorities fully understand what happened that day, except for the woman’s words that she was raped by a man while she was unconscious. Although the community is in shock, the woman intends to see this case to the very end.

According to the police report, a stranger walked up behind the woman, a 36-year-old mother of two, and attacked her just steps from her family home, around 1:30 Friday morning. This information was provided by the woman’s mother and uncle.

“She was walking home from her parents’ to her sister’s house, and got attacked,” said her uncle, whose name is not being released by PIX11 News in order to protect the identity of his niece.

They said that the attack lasted for up to an hour.

Nassau County Police Department detectives gave a similar account of what happened, saying that the suspect, a stranger, walked up behind the woman and beat her in the face, knocking her unconscious.

“When she woke up,” the police said in a statement, “she realized she was being sexually assaulted. The male then fled in an unknown direction.”

Note that it is unclear how she realized that she had been raped, but when she woke up, she said the man was still around, so she concluded that he had raped her.

There was broken glass in front of the home on Friday left from when the woman shattered a basement window, trying to get the family’s attention, according to the woman’s uncle and mother. Her head wounds were a result of the beating she took at the hands of her attacker, her mother added.

“She had a terrible [bruise] in her eye,” her mother said in front of the family’s home. “[She] can’t see.”

Despite its brutality and the glass breaking, apparently nobody witnessed the attack.

“When I found out what happened,” said Denise Foster, who lives two doors away from where the crime occurred, “it was just so ridiculous because I just couldn’t believe.” She said that she’s still shocked.

As noted by the police, the neighboring house is equipped with a surveillance camera that recorded the attack. Investigators have the video in evidence and are using it to try and track down the suspect.

The victim said she was glad she was alive but that the attack has left her injured and her mother worried.

“I feel very bad,” she said, “My heart, headache, blood pressure.”

She said that her health is suffering, even as her daughter recovers. Neighbors, meanwhile, said that they’re more concerned than ever for their safety.

Foster, the neighbor around the corner, said that her 16-year-old daughter is especially worried.

“She’s really scared now,” Foster said. “We just have to pray for each other that God will see us through.”

Police are asking anyone with information about the crime to call the Nassau County Police Department Special Victims’ Squad.

People in the area are extremely excited about the incident and several women’s activists are demanding that the police find the attacker and punish him in accordance with the strictness of the law. Some are claiming that if the police can’t arrest the suspect themselves then thepeople will try to find and punish him.

The details of the incident are still questionable. How could it seem that a woman was unconscious and a man raped her? When she regained consciousness a man was standing nearby, so she believes he definitely raped her. Can we assume he was trying to rob her? For some reason, women in the United States are very worried about rape and believe that most often when a man attacks it is only for the purpose of rape.

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