Women in U.S. Declaring They Were Raped to Insult Kavanaugh and Support New Jersey Senator
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Women in U.S. Declaring They Were Raped to Insult Kavanaugh and Support New Jersey Senator


TRENTON, NEW JERSEY — October 1, 2018

I was raped. Call me a victim, not a “survivor.”

The high-profile case of candidate to the U.S. Supreme Court Brett Cavanaugh has been under discussion in the U.S. for several weeks now. But, as it turns out, this is not the first such case. For example, in New Jersey, an 83-year-old State Senator can barely live with the idea that she was groped and forcibly kissed by a visitor in her home when she was 13.

Are you laughing already? Or are feminists being aroused now by this report, ready to angrily respond?

Sen. Loretta Weinberg said she never told anyone about it until now.

“I posted because this is how women and girls have been treated for generations and how we usually reacted,” she said in a text message to The Associated Press. “These experiences are seared on our brains, our emotions, and our bodies. We are not ‘mixed up.’”

Weinberg, the Senate Majority Leader, posted about the encounter on Facebook on Friday.

“OK here goes,” she wrote. “I am 83 years old and I still remember the EXACT moment and EXACTLY where I was at age 13 when I was first horribly groped and forcibly kissed by a middle-aged man who had been welcome visitor in my home. And no I never told anyone till now. His name was Ben Laverty. And no I am not confused. And yes that was a long time ago.”

The Democratic lawmaker noted she’s not confused in the testimony.

Weinberg named her alleged assailant as Ben Laverty, a frequent visitor to their house when she was growing up. She added that the man was her mother’s friend. “He could not possibly be alive,” she said.

Her revelation comes just a day after an emotionally-charged testimony in Washington that saw Christine Blasey Ford accuse Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when they were both in high school. Kavanaugh denied it.

“I posted this today so people would better understand how girls and women have been treated for generations. And how most of us have reacted over some of those generations,” Weinberg wrote in a follow-up post on Friday. “Each of these experiences are seared in our brains, in our emotions, and on our bodies. And no we are not confused. We know who our assaulters are and we know exactly where we were when they happened.”

It also comes just a day after Weinberg helped author the state legislature’s first new anti-harassment policy since 2009, and the first of the #MeToo era. As is known, Weinberg is an active member of the movement with her own local and international proposals against sexual harassment and sexual assault.

She helped spearhead a rewrite of the policy soon after the allegations surrounding disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein surfaced. Among the changes is a new requirement for anti-harassment training for lawmakers and staff.

Weinberg called it “appropriate” that the policy, which was approved without any opposition, was passed the same day Ford was giving her testimony.

She expressed hope that the culture in America around reporting sexual assault was changing.

“My grandchildren and others will grow up feeling empowered to speak up and to speak out,” she said. “I didn’t know that I could or should.”

Weinberg has been the majority leader since 2012 and has served in the Senate since 2005. She began her legislative career as an Assembly member in 1992.

She was former Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine’s running mate in 2009 when the pair lost to Republican Chris Christie.

She was also a frequent foil and foe to Christie, who left office after two terms this year.

She co-chaired a legislative commission that investigated the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal.

Weinberg represents the 37th Legislative District, which includes a handful of Bergen County towns in northeastern New Jersey.

But the most interesting thing is that this is not the first story from childhood. Many women in the U.S. have now been picked up by this wave and are recalling stories from their childhood, where they were allegedly raped, looked at askance, groped, or kissed.

“There needs to be a hug emoji for all of the brave people sharing their own painful memories now. I’ve been sharing some of mine too for the first time ever. You all are in my prayers. Please pray for me too,” another alleged victim, Brenda S., wrote urgently following the Weinberg’s post.

“It’s been almost 25 years for me (the first two times) and I can still tell you what was playing on the radio the first time and what movie I fell asleep watching the second time. I can’t remember what I did last week but the assaults are crystal clear decades later,” tweeted another woman, Jana Payne, who is allegedly another rape victim.

“I remember too and it was only the first time. I had no tools to help me at all. Very naive and had no knowledge. I was 16 and I am 70. It was shoved down for years. Yesterday was awful,” tweeted Carolyn from Oregon.

“You do not forget these things ever.  I won’t forget what happened to me. Ever. Who. Where. When. All the other details melt away because you stuff ugliness inside,” Steph tweeted.

The absurdity will only grow. All these women were apparently silent for a long time, and in their opinion, the police refused to help them, or they decided to hide the crimes, or the women themselves were not so against the acts of rape, since they remembered about it only now.

The situation is at least strange, both with regard to candidate Kavanaugh and with the newly-revealed victims of rape. It’s possible that feminists have chosen this method to take revenge on Trump who spoke in support of Kavanaugh. It seems they believe they have found a very good means of justice against these men: To accuse them of doing something obscene 40 or 80 years ago and to destroy their lives on this basis. The same applies to the president himself, who has also come under their wrath, because he supposedly didn’t support unfortunate raped women.

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