“She Entered Into a Conspiracy”: How Democrats in Kentucky Fight Against Each Other
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“She Entered Into a Conspiracy”: How Democrats in Kentucky Fight Against Each Other


GEORGETOWN – October 1, 2018

“The Governor can and should set the tone for the entire administration. I am opposed to corruption and the culture of secrecy that seems to pervade certain state agencies. If we uncover corrupt practices in certain prosecutors' offices, for example, we will take immediate corrective action regardless of political party…” – said Geoff Young, a Democrat running for Governor in Kentucky together with Josh French (D-Elizabethtown) as his Lieutenant Governor running mate when answering to the question on how he would tackle corruption and fraud if elected.

One should always divide by one hundred what politicians say, especially when they say it before election day, yet, it seems like saying candidate Young wants to save himself from a wave of criticism, as he gets rid of his fellow-Democrats, who wanted to get to other valuable posts along with him, especially. This seems indubitably true if the seat in Congress is at the stake.

On September 27, 2018, Young filed a lawsuit in an effort to remove Amy McGrath’s name from the ballot before the general election coming November 6, 2018. Young asked the judge to “remove McGrath's name from the 2018 general election ballot, on the grounds that she entered into a conspiracy with the Kentucky Democratic Party (“KDP”), the Fayette County Democratic Party, and other influential Kentucky Democrats in or to rig and steal the 5/22/18 primary from the Movant by engaging in large-scale election fraud. In addition, Amy McGrath allegedly joined a conspiracy that includes Mike Shugart and other Democrats who committed assault and battery against Mr. Young on September 8, 2018, in Georgetown, Kentucky.”

The notion “conspiracy” has been the hit of the last couple of American political seasons, and it is the Democrats who benefit from the use of the term the most. The “witch hunt” and the wave of accusations that some politician is involved in some kind of a “conspiracy” (whether it’s connected to “Russian hackers”, or, like in this case, with inner Kentuckian issues and the struggle between two Democrats) has become a convenient curtain to hide one’s own “dirty deeds”.

On an additional note, McGrath is famous for being the first ever female Marine to fly in an F/A-18 on a combat mission. The female combat pilot served in Iraq and Afghanistan and spent more than 20 years in the military. She is set to compete against Republican incumbent Andy Barr for Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District seat with great chances to win in this campaign. Regarding this fact, could it be possible that Young entered into the “conspiracy” himself, but not even within his own party, but with the Republicans?

The situation in Kentucky still generates many more questions than answers.

Author: USA Really