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USA Really’s Got Money for Ya, USA Really’s Got FB Trouble, and Trump’s Got Environment Trouble
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USA Really’s Got Money for Ya, USA Really’s Got FB Trouble, and Trump’s Got Environment Trouble


Welcome back everyone from what I hope was a nice weekend for you all. As always, I’m Jesse Dominick for USA Really, bringing you your daily podcast where we take a look over our recent articles and break it all down for you, and right now we’ve got a very exciting announcement for you as well.

We mentioned this at the end of Friday’s podcast, but today has been officially announced USA Really’s first ever contest, the Global Democracy Award. It’s for everyone, but especially for independent journalists, writers, activists, artists, script writers and media-members who are ready to tackle the topic of how the U.S. government interferes in the affairs of other countries. The competition includes 5 categories-awards: The John Reed “Best Essay” Award, The Sacco and Vancetti “Best Video” Award, The Nathanael West “Best Poem” Award, The Aldous Huxley “Future Intervention Prediction” Award and, of course, as many of our readers requested, The Pepe the Frog “Best Meme” Award! There’s some serious cash prizes, including $3,500 for the best essay, so definitely check out the contest page for all the sweet deets.

We had a number of news articles posted over the weekend, so be sure to go and check those out, but let’s start our October 1 podcast by looking at the opinion pieces from the weekend.

Apparently, according to a 2017 report, Alabama has the worst poverty in the developed world. That’s what prompted Winston Smith to write his piece, “The Stain That is American Poverty,” which we published on Saturday. America may be generally proud of its billionaires, and New York City may be the wealth capital of the world, but then there’s that whole other side of America, where plenty of people still don’t even have basic sanitation. And there’s this disturbing fact: As many as 12 million Americans could be suffering from neglected tropical diseases in poor parts of the south and Midwest. And Alabama certainly isn’t alone in this, but the Trump administration says only 250,000 are living in extreme poverty in the U.S. Where the heck is such a low number coming from? Be sure to check out Smith’s piece tomorrow for the answer to that question and a look at where America is, compared to where it could have been.

Sunday’s opinion piece comes from yours truly, and takes a look at one 20th century American figure who has been hugely influential in my life, and in the life of millions of people throughout the world. “Through the Cross Joy Hath Come Into All the World”: The Otherworldly Life of Fr. Seraphim (Rose)” gives you just a little taste of what this amazing man, Fr. Seraphim (Rose), an Orthodox Christian monk and priest, was all about and why he is venerated as a holy man all around the Orthodox world. This is my fifth piece now about holy Orthodox people and places in America, and it could be said to be the most authentically American, as Fr. Seraphim didn’t come here from Greece, or Serbia, or Russia, but rather grew up right here in California and embraced holy Orthodoxy as an adult, after a heartfelt search for truth led him through various philosophies and religions. Fr. Seraphim has said that he had found the noblest conception of man in Taoism, but then he encountered Orthodoxy and the holy people of his day and realized this was nobler still. In my opinion, Fr. Seraphim has become the noblest American in our fine nation’s history. He bucked the popular trends of his day to seek and become like Christ, and he therefore shows us how to do the same. I hope that’s whetted your whistle a bit to learn more about Fr. Seraphim, so check this piece out, and at the end of it I offer some links for further reading.

Possibly the biggest news from the weekend that’s going to impact most, if not all of you, is our piece about 50 million Facebook accounts being hacked. Our piece has it all for you—how did the hack happen, how serious was it, how did FB respond, and what should you do now? And much more, so be sure to give that a read.

On to today’s opinion piece: What if the news came out that the United States will be slammed by climate change? Well, a new report from the EIEE – European Institute on Economics and the Environment and other experts shows the U.S. will be hit harder than almost any other country by climate change. This new research is the first time that scientists have fully developed a reliable set of data to show how individual countries will be hit by the staggering costs of climate change. What does this say for President Trump’s scrapping of various environmental regulations? Phil Butler’s piece “New Climate Data Destroys Trump Claims” will take you through all the ins and outs.

Alright, well let’s jump head first into today’s news—we’ve got a number of pieces for you.

It seems USA Really’s luck with social media hasn’t gotten any better since we last talked about this last week! SoundCloud and Tumblr previously gave us trouble, and now Facebook has removed our page without warning or explanation, in addition to several other platforms. “USA Really Is Under Fire: New Attacks From Facebook, Twitter, Apple, LinkedIn and MSM” has all the juicy details for you. Mainstream media, being incredibly insular, has a fear of all things Russian—could this be the reason for removing our page from these platforms? Attempts to connect our site to the Internet Research Agency, made famous by the Mueller investigation, are asserted as fact, but are nothing more than fake news. Marky Mark Zuckerberg has thus far ignored our requests for an interview. Be sure to head over to this piece for much more.

Next, “Young Swimmer, 13, Badly Injured Off Southern California Beach” talks about a young man who was attacked by a shark while swimming in the ocean in Encinitas. Thankfully, a nearby kayaker noticed the boy, and with the help of lifeguards they were able to get the boy out of the water, though not before he was badly injured. “His whole clavicle was ripped open. You could see the ball-and-socket joint, everything,” the kayaker said. He was airlifted to the hospital, where they are hopeful for his recovery.

And hey, I haven’t heard anything about net neutrality in a few months, but that was all the rage for a while there. Now, California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a law to restore net neutrality protections, and it’s the toughest one in America. However, the Trump administration sued to block the law almost immediately. The new bill prohibits internet service providers (ISPs) from slowing down or blocking access to legal online content, charging customers for exemptions, or capping data usage. What does all of this mean and who’s going to come out on top? Head over to “California Gov. Jerry Brown Signs America’s Toughest Net-Neutrality Law” to find out what you need to know.

Next up is something pretty terrifying: “Man Dies From “Brain-eating Amoeba” Infection After Visiting Texas Resort.” A Central Texas surf resort was closed over the weekend when a swimmer in a wave pool died from being infected by Naegleria fowleri, an organism commonly known as a “brain-eating amoeba”—and it does just that. The amoebas consume astrocytes and brains neurons, which left poor Fabrizio Stabile dead about a week after being infected while swimming in a water park in Texas. Thankfully, it’s a rare problem, but it still has victims.

For this day in history, we’ve got the birthday of Mormon leader Brigham Young, William Boeing of aircraft fame, and last year’s terrible Las Vegas shooting. Check it out for the details.

Then, in the wake of all the Kavanaugh stuff, we’ve got “Police Search for Attacker Who Allegedly Raped Woman on Long Island.” It seems an unknown man came up behind a woman and knocked her unconscious near her house. When she came to, he was still there, and she deduced that the man had raped her. Police are unsure of what really happened at this point.

And speaking of rape and sexual assault, Trump aide Kellyanne Conway has revealed that she too is a victim of sexual assault of some kind. In a recent interview, she said she understands how rape and assault victims feel and understands their rage, but that it has nothing to do with Kavanaugh being nominated for the Supreme Court. She also criticized the media for believing some victims and not others based on partisan politics. “Trump Aide Kellyanne Conway Goes on Record: ‘I Am a Victim’” has that whole story for you.

And First Lady Melania Trump took off today for a five-nation tour in Africa, focusing on child welfare. She said, “Since becoming First Lady, I have had the privilege of speaking with many of the spouses of world leaders. Our discussions are always united by the universal desire to provide children with the support and tools necessary to grow up happy, healthy, and responsible adults. I am thrilled to be working with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) on what I know will be a meaningful trip.” Get all the details at our piece, “Melania Trump Heads to Africa Today.

For some more positive news, James Allison of the University of Texas and Tasuku Honjo of Kyoto University have received Nobel Prizes for medicine for advances in fighting cancer. Allison and Honjo began their prize-winning research way back in the 1990s, and their ongoing findings have been instrumental in major advances in immunotherapy, and their work has created a multibillion-dollar market for new cancer medicines.

Unfortunately, we have to turn back to some more sexual assault-related news. 24-year-old Xavier Rodriguez of the Bronx was taken into custody for allegedly groping a 12-year-old girl. It seems he was taking photos of her, and she claims he then ran over and grabbed her butt. Her parents say she may have misunderstood the man’s actions, but in any case, the young girl was certainly frightened by the older man’s strange behavior.

There’s a few other news pieces up today, so head on over to the news page to make sure you get them all. Then we’ve got a preview of tomorrow’s opinion piece.

The Kavanaugh hearing is the most important news going today, and tomorrow’s piece by Luis Lázaro Tijerina gives you a look at and reflection on the march against Kavanaugh that took place in Burlington, Vermont on Saturday from someone who was there. “What I saw on the faces of the women and the men who were marching in support of their women friends and comrades were faces of anger, faces that were determined that political business as usual in America would never be the same again. Here in New England, the people in their own vision of democracy, in their own sense of a Town Meeting consciousness expressed their anger, their political hatred of men like Kavanaugh and the elite, white male ruling class.  It was a very poignant march and was militant in the most meaningful way... and I sensed that America will never be the same again,” Tijerina writes. Men and women in America have traditionally been on different trajectories, but where are those paths headed today? Tijerina gives you his thoughts, that will be sure to make you think.

And that’s all we have today. For USA Really, I’m Jesse Dominick, saying thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and be sure to head on back tomorrow for another batch of great articles to keep you informed and make you think.


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