Lust, Liquor, and a Knife: Basic Instinct Lands Vero Beach Woman in Jail
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Lust, Liquor, and a Knife: Basic Instinct Lands Vero Beach Woman in Jail

Vero Beach PD

VERO BEACH, FLORIDA – October 2, 2018

Usually sexual crimes are the prerogative of men. However, in the country of victorious feminism, this is not a given.

The problem is that, in the liberal-dominated and female-centric world of modern education, masculinity, in our “hyper-sensitive” society is increasingly considered “toxic.” Within this anti-male context, it is extremely difficult for boys to ever develop into real men because they do not see healthy patterns of male behavior for them to imitate. But nature abhors a vacuum, and women are beginning to take on these functions, although the legislation in this regard is still far behind. But first things first.

A Vero Beach woman is in jail after hit her boyfriend with a knife. She wanted to have sex, he didn’t, so she took a knife to his face, Vero Beach cops say.

The arrest report notes that when a Vero Beach cop showed up at the apartment that 27-year-old Katherine Nieves Tavarez shares with live-in boyfriend Amaury Vazquez Carrero, Nieves Tavarez “answered the door with blood on her clothing and blood on her hands.”

Vazquez Carrero had “blood covering his face.” He told police, “She hit me with a knife,” and, “I can’t see.”

He also told officers that Nieves Tavarez had been drinking before she approached him on the couch early Thursday with a request for sex. His refusal offended her and she began yelling. Vazquez Carrero went out to the patio, and "Ms. Nieves Tavarez followed him outside with a large, silver, kitchen knife and was screaming at him,” the report reads. “She proceeded to hit him in the face multiple times with the silver kitchen knife. [Vazquez Carrero] advised that it happened so quickly, he didn’t remember how many times Ms. Nieves Tavarez hit him.”

The officer noted Vazquez Carrero had numerous facial cuts and “redness around his neck and chest area and his shirt was ripped.”

Nieves Tavarez was charged with felony battery with a deadly weapon, cops say. She remains in Indian River County Jail on $15,000 bail. There is not a word of a sexual crime. There was no rape attempt, no sexual assault or inappropriate sexual behavior charges, which would undoubtedly be if she had been the victim. There is no feminist outcry. Is this fair?

Sure, Nieves Tavarez has her story. She said her boyfriend “came home from being out with a friend and had a scar on his face already. Ms. Nieves Tavarez advised that when she asked Mr. Vazquez about the cut on his face, he became angry and attacked her with the knife. Ms. Nieves Tavarez could not give any specific information about her account of the story.”

But it doesn't matter, does it? At least when it comes to men, what they say doesn't matter.

Author: USA Really