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Stoners Are Happy at LAX while Kavanaugh Takes a Beating
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Stoners Are Happy at LAX while Kavanaugh Takes a Beating


Welcome one and all, and thanks for joining us for our USA Really daily podcast for October 2. I’m Jesse Dominick, ready to take you through all of the latest and juiciest news and opinions from authentic Americans on authentic American themes.

As always, we’re going to start out by going through the rest of yesterday’s news that hit the pages after your humble host had retired for the evening.

Our first piece is sure to bring a smile to all you Grateful Dead fans out there: “U.S. Airports to Allow Passengers to Bring Their Marijuana.” Well, at the moment, this applies only to LAX in Los Angeles, but authorities haven’t ruled out that this could soon spread to the rest of the country. Proposition 64 made pot legal in California, so then the airport is allowing you to bring your dime bag with you, although, you can only have no more than 28.5 grams, or one ounce. And be careful—if you’re flying somewhere else that doesn’t allow weed, you could find yourself in a bit of trouble.

Our next piece brings some sad news to baseball fans: Angels’ manager Mike Scioscia is hanging it up after 19 years on the job. 19 seasons of Angels magic ended on Sunday appropriately though, as the baseball great’s club managed a come-from-behind victory over the Oakland A’s. Scioscia, who played catcher in two World Series wins, was one of the most durable players in MLB history. Fans remember Scioscia becoming the first Dodger catcher to start in an All-Star Game since Hall of Famer Roy Campanella. But as great a catcher as the Scioscia was, it was managing and mentoring he excelled at. Scioscia steps down with the 18th-most managerial wins in major league history.

And from baseball, let’s move on over to hockey, whose next season is about to kick off. The Hart Memorial Trophy (named after Canadian Dr. David Hart who donated the original trophy to the league back in 1924) is awarded annually to the player who has contributed the most to the overall success of his team. Our piece, “Who Will Win the Hart Trophy This Season?” explains the criteria for you and gives you the top 20 favorites to win the trophy.

So let’s tackle today’s opinion piece now.

The Kavanaugh hearing is the most important news going today, and today’s piece by Luis Lázaro Tijerina, “The March Against Kavanaugh,” gives you a look at and reflection on the march against Kavanaugh that took place in Burlington, Vermont on Saturday from someone who was there. “What I saw on the faces of the women and the men who were marching in support of their women friends and comrades were faces of anger, faces that were determined that political business as usual in America would never be the same again. Here in New England, the people in their own vision of democracy, in their own sense of a Town Meeting consciousness expressed their anger, their political hatred of men like Kavanaugh and the elite, white male ruling class.  It was a very poignant march and was militant in the most meaningful way... and I sensed that America will never be the same again,” Tijerina writes. Men and women in America have traditionally been on different trajectories, but where are those paths headed today? Tijerina gives you his thoughts, that will be sure to make you think.

Fellas, there’s one woman in Vero Beach, Florida you don’t want to irritate. 27-year-old Katherine Nieves Tavarez wanted to have sex with her boyfriend, Amaury Vazquez Carrero. He wasn’t feeling it, so she bashed him on the face with a knife. Sounds reasonable. Vazquez Carrero had “blood covering his face.” He told police, “She hit me with a knife,” and, “I can’t see.” Nieves Tavarez is now in county jail on $15,000 bail. “Lust, Liquor, and a Knife: Basic Instinct Lands Vero Beach Woman in Jail” has got more on that for you.

And, as always, we’ve got a look at this day in history for you. There’s several important events connected with American wars today—Loyalist British Army officer John Andre was hanged this day in 1780, Nat Turner, who led a famous slave rebellion in 1831 was born this day in 1800, the First Battle of Saltville was fought this day in 1864, and then for something different—Don McLean was born this day in 1945. If you don’t know him by his name, he’s the man responsible for the legendary song American Pie.

And it looks like there’s more bad news for Trump as far as the environment goes. Environmental groups are already slamming President Donald Trump’s US-Mexican-Canadian trade deal, saying the pact has weak environmental provisions. Critics of the pact, which amounts to $1.2 trillion in trade, say it does not protect either people or the environment. Meanwhile, President Trump is patting himself on the back calling the deal a win because of his “negotiating skills.” The president went on to proclaim the agreement “historic news” that will end up in a boon for the U.S. economy. It’s tough to say—the president likes to gloat, but then, plenty of people are predisposed to hate anything he does. So what’s really going on here? Our piece, “Environmental Groups Say Trump’s New NAFTA Stinks” has more details for you.

Our next piece is really quite a story, with a lot of ins and outs and twists and turns. “The Scandal of the Century: Police Officer Who Planted Drugs on His Ex-Wife's Car to Possess Children” gives you all the gritty details about Jeff and Laura Covington, twice married and twice divorced, who had quite the epic legal battle over their children. Jeff, a former police officer, wanted custody of his children, so he arranged through a cup buddy to have his ex-wife arrested for possession of drugs, which the friend conveniently found in her car. This began Laura’s long, seven-year journey to clear her name. I don’t want to give away what happens, because it really is quite a story for you to read.

Up next, we’ve got two articles on the technology industry. Google announced yesterday the upcoming testing of the hot Ubisoft game “Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey” in order to better develop the cutting edge Project Stream technology which will offer a “quick, seamless play powered by in-home consoles as an online service.” Certain gamers will get invites to play the game for free until January.

Then, Tesla shares climbed 17% after the news that the SEC and Tesla boss Elon Musk had come to an agreement regarding Musk’s alleged “false and misleading statements” earlier summer when he tweeted about taking Tesla private. GE shares have also jumped, and the Dow Jones gained 193 points yesterday after the announcement of the new NAFTA deal. Of course, as we’ve already discussed not everyone is so thrilled about that.

Markets may be on an upswing, but, on the other hand, the world’s opinion of the U.S. seems to be on a downswing under President Trump, and his personal numbers are even less sterling. He’s especially un-appreciated in Mexico, but he’s doing great in Israel! It could have something to do with that whole Jerusalem thing. “Global Opinion of the U.S. Is Down Under Trump” has all the numbers for you.

Next, heads up for all you in the southwest! Tropical Storm Rosa is headed your way, and you can expect to get pretty wet. Flash flood watches have already been issued in parts of the region from Arizona to Utah. Our piece, “Tropical Storm Rosa Spreading Into Southwest, Heavy Rains Expected” goes through all the states that could be effected and has the info for you about how much rain to expect.

And while Southwesterners have a storm to watch out, Floridians—you might want to be careful about taking a dip in the ocean—it seems toxic algae blooms have been spotted on all three coasts. To add to that fun, the algae issue is coming over into politics, with Gov. Rick Scott releasing an ad criticizing Sen. Bill Nelson over the red tide issue. There’s definitely more to that story, so be sure to check out, “Florida Politicians Now Using Dangerous ‘Red Tide’ Politics.”

During his recent questioning by Senators, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh said he enjoys beer but has never drank to excess, to the point of blacking out or forgetting everything. That might not be totally true, though. A classmate from Yale recently told reporters that Kavanaugh is known for his addiction to alcohol, and that he saw Kavanaugh “staggering from alcohol consumption” multiple times, describing him as a “belligerent and aggressive” drunk. Will this info be verified? Will it affect Kavanaugh’s ultimate fate? There’s a lot of conflicting impressions of the man, so at this point it’s anybody’s guess.

Then, a federal judge in Kansas has ruled that a South Korean-born teenager, who was adopted by her aunt and uncle in Kansas, will have to leave the country right after graduation from college because of a disparity between state and immigration laws regarding a child’s age at the time of adoption. It’s as sordid as it sounds, and our piece, “United States Kicks Out Successful Biochemist Student” has the full story for you.

’No Unions Allowed’: Amazon Suppresses Potential ‘Oppositionist’ Employees” has the story of Whole Foods’ new anti-union policy as part of the Amazon business empire. A special video created by Amazon officials for Whole Foods workers plainly explains why organizing in a union is a bad idea. “Unions pose a threat to the direct connection. We are not anti-union, but we are not neutral either,” states an animated character from the Amazon video. I remember watching the exact same kind of video when I started working at Wal-Mart—no unions necessary, because management had open doors! Anyways, unions are one thing that can really heat up the passions, so this Whole Foods business could get heated, so check out this article for more.

Out last news piece for today hits on the ever-volatile issue of homosexuality and gay marriage. “Get Married or Leave the Country, Says US Administration to Same-Sex Partners of Foreign Diplomats.” Unmarried same-sex partner of foreign diplomats and UN employees are being denied visas now. This will surely be problematic for many, as many countries don’t allow gay marriage anyways. It sounds bad, but it’s actually a move towards equality, as heterosexual unmarried partners are also not eligible for visas. However, it’s no surprise that the move is garnering criticism, and I’m sure it will continue to cause loud shouts from the SJW crowd. 

Alright kids, that brings us to the end of today’s news, so let’s jump into a look at tomorrow’s opinion piece before we wrap up for the day. Walt Garlington’s piece “The False Promise of Unity” takes the division in the country over the Kavanaugh issue as a starting point for examining the Constitution’s promise of a more perfect unity. The peoples of the States have a hard question in front of them, then:  Do they really want unity?  And if they answer Yes, this leads to a second question: How do they propose to achieve it? Unity comes ultimately from shared religious beliefs and the shared way of life that flows from them.  But the American boast has always been in the freedom of religion of its various peoples.  With religious pluralism, however, comes different conceptions of God, of right worship, right living, and so on.  Again, this does not lead to unity but to conflict. And Garlington make a shocking assertion: The only thing that has ever brought a measure of oneness in America has been war. You’re definitely going to want to check out this piece tomorrow to see just what he’s talking about.

And with that, we wrap up today’s podcast. As always, I’m Jesse Dominick for USA Really, saying thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and have a good night.


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