The Kavanaugh Circus: The Almost-Rape of a Dizzy American Virgin in a One Piece Swimsuit
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The Kavanaugh Circus: The Almost-Rape of a Dizzy American Virgin in a One Piece Swimsuit


WASHINGTON, DC – October 3, 2018

The tension caused by the Kavanaugh circus has diminished, so we now have the opportunity to review events logically, in order to summarize what happened. Let’s begin.

In recent decades, appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court have been important political events, and the new appointment by President Trump is even more so because the majority of judges are conservatives. Now that one of the liberal judges has stepped down, Trump has offered his nominee — Kavanaugh, and the embattled chief executive wants his first pick in before the November elections.

It’s interesting, and indicative of Washington these days, that before Kavanaugh was nominated to the Supreme Court, no one said anything bad about him. The United States Circuit Judge for the District of Columbia has even cleared several FBI background checks, and then he was nominated.

Since Donald Trump put Kavanaugh’s name in the hat for the judgeship, three ladies have come out of the woodwork to blame Kavanaugh for his supposedly “inappropriate” behavior back in the 1980s, when he was a teenager. One of the ladies even recalled that Kavanaugh was at drunken parties where gang rapes would occur. Though the accuser cannot say she was personally assaulted or raped by Kavanaugh, it seems insinuation is good enough to smear someone these days. Even though Kavanaugh hasn’t been proven to have raped or otherwise injured anybody, this one accuser says she saw how he poured drugs into alcohol to make girls more compliant.

Does this sound weird to you? It does to me. You continue to go to drunken parties where gang rapes allegedly occur over a long period of time — you know what's going on there, but you still go. Not only do you attend, but you see drugs being poured into wine, you drink that wine, and suddenly (wait one second, it’s intriguing here) you get raped. Well, how was it possible? She could never have expected this. Then you stay silent for about 40 years, although you never stop worrying somewhere deep inside, and now suddenly something has pushed you to disclose the truth to the world.

Another lady at the same party mentions a moment when someone asked her to kiss Kavanaugh's penis, and according to this lady, the young Kavanaugh took it out of his pants. She never told the public whether she kissed it or not, but she hasn’t been able to forget the sight since then. Then in an amazing turn, the accusers refuse to repeat the horrors under oath. They are too shy to testify under oath.

There was one lady willing to go all the way.

The Kavanaugh Circus: The Almost-Rape of a Dizzy American Virgin in a One Piece Swimsuit

Kavanaugh accuser’s name is Christine Blasey Ford, and today, at 53, she is married and works as a psychology professor at Stanford — you know, the California university renowned for being so liberal. Sorry.

She says that when she was either 14 or 15 years old, she was really scared by Kavanaugh. She doesn't remember the exact year, but she recalls she didn't have a driver's license, but that her breasts had matured already. So, she was 14 or 15 years old, maybe. Anyways, she says she drank a bit of beer at some house or another (the strangeness never ceases). What and where that house was and who its owner was, she can't remember. She does remember that she only had a taste of beer though.

In this mysterious and nebulous house, she went to the toilet on the second floor (beer, you know, has an impact). But instead of the toilet, someone pushed her into a bedroom. She doesn't exactly remember who, but she thinks it was either Kavanaugh or another guy, Mark Judge or whatever, but since he's not running for Supreme Court, his name is not important. (Sorry again, it’s tough to type this.)

It was at this point that Ford says she was pushed onto the bed and he fell on top of her. Who? She was almost certain that it was Kavanagh, but, maybe Mark, no, Kavanaugh, and Mark was laughing a lot. She was scared because she thought Kavanaugh would strangle her—or Mark, or somebody.

The fact is (according to Ford), no rape occurred because she had prudently been wearing a one-piece swimsuit under her clothing. She cannot recall whose house she was in or who was on top of her, but she does recall the swimsuit. Kavanaugh was completely drunk, which she says she knows for sure. Anyway, Ford went on to claim she managed to slip out, run to the bathroom, and lock herself in. She heard her assailant laughing loudly and then leaving the room. It was then that she left. Just how she reached home, she does not remember. She told nobody—neither her parents nor her friends because she was afraid to be accused of underage drinking.

Ford says she suffered terribly for 36 years, and that she even developed claustrophobia. She also contends that the experience caused her problems building relationships with men. This did not deter her from graduating from high school, then from college, or defending her thesis, then teaching at two universities, getting married and so on. She suffered, and that is what matters.

In 2011, her husband insisted that she go to therapy, and in the course of a psychotherapeutic session in 2013, she realized that her pain came from the of events of 1982. She did not realize so before, but then it dawned on her.

When she learned that Kavanaugh could be a judge on the Supreme Court, she decided that such a man has no place in the inner sanctum of democracy.

It’s amazing that no one but her remembers that party. No one saw her in the same room as Kavanaugh. But she brought forth her evidence: statements from her husband and friends who she talked to in 2013. She even passed a lie detector test.

Kavanaugh denies the whole sordid affair. He says he didn't go to parties and that he was a virgin in school because he went to a private Catholic school. But who cares? Who would believe him? He’s up for a lifelong appointment to the highest court in America.

In pain, the federal attorney cried and spoke about how his 10-year-old daughter has to go through all this hype, but that story is also of no concern to anyone. Indeed, if she was a 53-year-old psychologist, then her sufferings might be more important and require immediate sympathy. But she is just a child. Who cares about a child? She is young and flexible and will endure somehow.

The Kavanaugh Circus: The Almost-Rape of a Dizzy American Virgin in a One Piece Swimsuit

So far, legislators have decided not to vote, although if all Republicans had voted for Kavanaugh, he would have gone on to the Supreme Court. Instead, the FBI gets to investigate, and lawmakers did vote on that.

During the hearings, the whole country followed the crazy allegations and mixed up testimonies. People watched it in hairdressing salons, in bars, and in restaurants. Some schools even canceled classes, and there were protests, rallies in support, outright lies, and media bias…

Now the Democrats are happy — they have managed to thus far prevent the appointment of a Republican to the Supreme Court, and without any real legal means for accomplishing or justifying it. Liberals are happy because they have thus far managed to prevent the strengthening of the conservative line in the Court. Feminists are happy. There is no statute of limitations on rape in the state where the "crime" occurred, so Trump’s nominee may yet see the other side of the judge’s bench. And this is the first time that they have managed to spin a case 36 years after it happened and get the FBI to investigate it.

Who's losing? Trump is losing, conservatives are losing, and Kavanaugh himself and his family are losing (but as I said, no one cares about Kavanaugh, his family, and his 10-year-old daughter. They could go shoot themselves and Congress and the media wouldn’t shed a tear. We are talking about big money and power here, not family values). Who else? The rule of law and common sense are also lost in these political struggles.

However, the Kavanaugh circus is not over yet. It will be quite a pity if the rule of law is totally destroyed on the basis of a small but very vengeful group of individuals.

Author: USA Really