It Seems a War Has Already Started Between Political Groups in the US
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It Seems a War Has Already Started Between Political Groups in the US


VIRGINIA — October 4, 2018

As was reported earlier ,two people were hospitalized after exposure to a 'white powdery substance" at Sen. Ted Cruz's office in Houston, Texas. A few hours before, it was announced on Tuesday a pair of packages suspected of containing a deadly poison had been sent to the Pentagon, officials said.

A Pentagon spokesman then confirmed that two packages addressed to U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis and the Navy's top officer, Admiral John Richardson, are suspected of containing ricin.

As the Department noted, the packages were not delivered to the final destination and were flagged in a mail delivery building next door on Monday.

Initial tests were positive for ricin, a poison made from castor beans.

"On Monday, the Pentagon Force Protection Agency detected a suspicious substance during mail screening at the Pentagon's remote screening facility," Col. Rob Manning said in a statement to Fox News. "All USPS mail received at the Pentagon mail screening facility yesterday is currently under quarantine and poses no threat to Pentagon personnel."

A day later, as it turned out, the fears were not confirmed.

"Field test conducted by HFD were negative for any hazardous substance.  Samples were packaged for the FBI to take to the lab for more extensive testing," tweeted the Houston Fire Department.

The office said that all questions will be better answered by the FBI.

Following the incident, the authorities reported that two Pentagon officers had been taken to the hospital, apparently poisoned by the substance.

While the FBI and other authorities are conducting their investigation, the situation in the White House has been exacerbated by the incident. As is known, the long-standing struggle between political groups in the US has been going on for a long time.

This incident is similar to a direct attack on the current  U.S. Administration. It doesn’t take long to figure out who is trying to spite the President.

There is very little time before the midterm congressional elections. In the US there is an active race for political power. So, if Republicans will capture an electoral lead, they will use it to declare a direct war on the Democrats.

At first sight, it seems absolutely impossible. A Political fight and Civil war 2.0? In the United States? Today or tomorrow? But let's not to jump to conclusions. A century and a half ago, nobody foresaw that it was possible that in the coming civil war the US would lose more people than in its  whole history, before or after the event, or  that the country would split into two sections with different civilizational structures, and that a fierce war between them would lead to monstrous material and human losses and throw the country back by decades.

Today's events are very similar to those before the last Civil war. During that time period there was a conflict between two competing visions of the state and social future of the United States. Today it is about migration, religion, attitude to abortion, drugs, patriotism, which has become a symbol of retrograde 'racism' for many liberals, and much more.

The most dangerous symptom of the current political crisis is the growing unwillingness to obey Federal law on the part of districts, cities, and even entire States. So far, this mainly concerns the issues of illegal migration and certain issues related to the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.

The Second Amendment reads: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Democrats, regarding the first question, treat it with indulgence and encouragement, the second one, however,  they strongly condemn. Racial conflict has not gone away either. Only now the victims of official racial discrimination (the state policy of affirmative action) are white, not black, who also suffer from the consequences and echoes of discrimination of the old type.

Americans, sticking to Democratic and Republican views, gradually become two different people and tend to group in the U.S. based on this, living next to people who are like-minded. Now it will be the main line of confrontation, because there are no economic and civilizational differences between them.

On the one hand, it is, the Republican States with small democratic inclusions — Texas, Alabama, Iowa. On the other hand, democratic California, Washington, and Massachusetts, in which Republicans live uncomfortably. The Republican party is against abortion, the Democratic party supports it. The latter supports the legalization of marijuana, the former is against it. In democratic States there is a dictatorship of sexual and national minorities (Blacks, Latin Americans), in the Republican States, they resist it as much as they can. Republicans love their country's history, Democrats are ashamed of it. Democrats demolish historical monuments in the States under their control: the Columbus monument, the heroes of the Civil war, and Slave Holder monument. Republicans protect these monuments, until the adoption of appropriate legislation.

The US is thus already split in two.

Thus, the United States has actually broken as a single country. There is no noise about this because it is more advantageous for everyone to close their eyes to the reality of the situation. But the problem is that the fracture that divided the US keeps getting wider.

American expert on security Keith Mines drew attention to the fact that the country is already on the brink of a civil war. Answering a question in Foreign Policy  magazine about the probability of a new civil war in the United States in the next 10-15 years, he estimated it’s chances are at 60%. In an interview with The New Yorker, he said: "It is like 1859: everyone is mad at something, and everyone has a gun. The first civil war began in two years, and now time goes faster, weapons in the hands of the Americans much more, and it's much more perfect..."

Mines called five signs of an impending civil war. First, entrenched national polarization without a visible prospect of national consensus. Secondly, the demonization of opponents in the media. Third, the weakening of institutions, Congress and the judicial system. Fourthly, the refusal of political leadership to take responsibility. Fifth, legitimizing violence as a way to debate and resolve disputes. Everything is either already there or on the way in the current US political and social climate.

A terrible time is coming.

The confrontation will be led, on the one hand, by the left, skinheads-Antifa, black racists and extremists, and militant Latinos. Opposing them will be patriots, the 'alternative right' and right radicals from among  the ranks of white "policemen". They will not be able to find a common language with each other and must either win or lose. It will be a real fight and not a farce: there will be blood. At the top level, too, there will be a struggle among those who remain, the Republicans are now either strengthened in their places were the Democrats and other forces were not able to move them, or the second will gradually get rid of them, mixing arsenic in tea, or by sending parcels with ricin.

To avoid this, the so-called globalist establishment will be interested in a quiet victory and will want to disarm patriotic Americans, despite its numerous provocations against them. This promotes, alas, by the onset of the postmodern era. In a very simplified form, this is when the place of reality is fiction, with which a select bunch of rich individuals manipulates others and makes them serve their interests instead of their own. It is about the introduction of a new social 'religion'. In its dogma you have to believe totally, the slightest doubt will not be allowed. It follows the automatic reaction to disagreement: psychosis and hysteria, then fists and everything else, if necessary. It is also always the absence of a historical dimension, the loss of ontological and gnoseological content, the imitation of freedom, the society of performance, and in fact — the triumph of total dependence and control. Simply the controlled should not guess that they are controlled. And those who guess will be the first victims of the coming civil war.

A terrible future is coming to America.

Author: USA Really