Toronto Beats Montreal in First Game of 102nd NHL Season, and Other Results
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Toronto Beats Montreal in First Game of 102nd NHL Season, and Other Results


#IsItOctoberYet, the annual hash-tag of hockey fans all over the world waiting for the beginning of another NHL season, disappeared, as the puck was thrown on the ice in the game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens.

The game was a tough one, with Montreal opening the score in the middle of the first period: Finnish left-wing forward for the Canadiens, Artturi Lehkonen, 23, scored his first puck in 24 games and, by a simple coincidence, the first puck of the season. The Canadiens were dominating the ice up to that point, so Toronto had to come up with something to change the situation.

And they did. Auston Matthews, “the number one competitor of Connor McDavid” and the most promising Maple Leafs player, responded in just three minutes his own goal, tying it at 1:1.

Nonetheless, the Canadiens continued dominating the ice and eventually ended the period with 36-26 shots on goal by the final buzzer.

The Toronto players just seemed to have better luck.

The Leafs managed to step forward as John Tavares made it 2:1 in the middle of the second period, though the Canadiens responded immediately with a goal by Andrew Shaw.

2:2 — the score remained the same till the end of the third period, but just after the start of overtime, Auston Matthews brought Toronto the first victory of the season, scoring his second puck of the game. 3:2 — a difficult, but important OT victory for the Leafs.

Other results of the first day of play of the new NHL season:

Washington Capitals—Boston Bruins 7:0

Vancouver Canucks—Calgary Flames 5:2

San Jose Sharks—Anaheim Ducks 2:5

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