Brett Kavanaugh Pens Highly Unusual Op-Ed: “I Am Independent, Impartial”
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Brett Kavanaugh Pens Highly Unusual Op-Ed: “I Am Independent, Impartial”


WASHINGTON – October 5, 2018

Democrats in the Capitol are denouncing the FBI interviews in the Kavanaugh case as incomplete and insufficient, while nearly all Republicans say they were thorough but unnecessary, given what they said was extensive vetting of Judge Kavanaugh.

This chasm was reflected in confrontations on the streets around the Capitol, as demonstrators faced off with supporters of President Trump and his nominee, some of them men wearing bright pink polo shirts and “Make America Great Again” caps.

Other protesters on Capitol Hill on Thursday carried signs calling the judge a liar and “unfit” to serve.

U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh declared himself “independent, impartial” Thursday in a highly unusual plea following criticism of his performance at a Senate committee hearing on sexual assault allegations against him.

“I am an independent, impartial judge,” read the headline to an opinion piece he wrote in The Wall Street Journal as the Senate moves towards a weekend confirmation vote on his nomination by President Donald Trump.

“My hearing testimony was forceful and passionate. That is because I forcefully and passionately denied the allegation against me,” Kavanaugh wrote in the Journal.

“I do not decide cases based on personal or policy preferences. I am not a pro-plaintiff or pro-defendant judge. I am not a pro-prosecution or pro-defense judge. I am a pro-law judge.”

He added that the country’s top court “must never be viewed as a partisan institution.”

In his testimony last week, Kavanaugh complained about “a calculated and orchestrated political hit fueled with apparent pent-up anger about President Trump and the 2016 election.”

He called the campaign against his nomination “a circus” and spoke of a frenzy on the left to come up with something, anything, to block his confirmation.

And it seems this is true, because the forces used to control everything and everyone are taking all sorts of actions, from fake allegations to paid protests to stop Kavanaugh (and not just Kavanaugh, but any conservative nominee) from being approved for the Supreme Court.  The fight for the appointment to the Supreme Court is a key battlefield for many liberals and they feel they are losing it.

Supreme Court judges are appointed for life. Early odds were on the side of the liberals, who were able to push through important decisions on abortion, health care, gay marriage and other issues. Now, if Trump can bring more conservatives to the Court, the entire agenda could greatly tilt towards conservatism for years to come, regardless of whether Trump holds on to power or not.

But we have already written about this in more detail. They demand that the FBI investigates Kavanaugh’s alleged rape attempt decades ago, and other accusations of sexual misconduct which have nothing to do with common sense. But when the FBI did what was demanded of them, their interviews were denounced as incomplete and insufficient.

It’s sad, but the rift in American society is only growing. And it’s only the beginning. The real war is about to begin. It looks like the artillery failed to hit the target, and new tricks are on the way. We will be following the developments.

Author: USA Really