Love Triangle of Pedophiles Accused of Raping Three Children in California
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Love Triangle of Pedophiles Accused of Raping Three Children in California


SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA — October 5, 2018

A particularly cruel and cynical crime has been solved by police in California, and three people are accused of gang raping young children. The perpetrators recorded their crimes on video. Law enforcement authorities believe the participants in this “love triangle” were involved in 48 cases of sexual violence against children. Formal charges have already been made against them.

According to court data, among the perpetrators are a neurosurgeon, a former nurse, and a woman claiming she’s carrying the doctor’s child.

As the prosecutor’s office reported, the group forced children to enter into intimate relations both with adults and with other victims. Three victims, aged 2, 5, and 10, are known so far.

The videos will not be part of the public record but viewed only by the judge.

James Kohut appeared in court Tuesday on 48 felony counts of rape, where twisted and disturbing new details emerged.

Kohut allegedly sought to use video of the rapes against Emily Stephens, who threatened to reveal to Kohut’s family that her unborn baby is his.

Juan Sanchez of the Watsonville Police Department testified that Kohut directed former nurse Rashel Brandon to film the assaults so he could use them as leverage against Stephens.

Detective Kelli Fretas testified on the stand that Kohut himself was a victim of sex abuse as a child.

“As a young child, he had been molested by his older nanny and her two young daughters, and he believed that to be a beautiful experience,” Fretas said.

The relationship between the adults and the children was not disclosed.

Stephens and Brandon are facing 45 and 44 counts of rape respectively. If the defendants’ are found guilty they may well receive life sentences.

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